There are two important things to truly know and understand to be a successful franchisee.

First, you must know your customer and their specific needs very well.  For example, in the home improvement sector you might ask — What are they trying to achieve?  What is the style of their home and trends in the neighborhood?  Are they more interested in cost savings, or are they focused on lasting beauty and low maintenance?  When you understand your customers you can better tailor your sales pitch to their specific needs, greatly improving your closing rates.

Second, you must fully understand your product down to the smallest detail.  You should be able to talk to a novice as well as a professional with great ease.  Having examples and success stories at the ready help demonstrate your knowledge giving you credibility.  Know the styles, colors and features.  Understand the best way to install the product.  Be familiar with any potential issues that may come up over time so you can stay ahead of the game and solve any problems that may arise quickly and keep your customers happy.

Finding the right franchise to buy can make all the difference.  Look for a company with a product that you believe in with a solid track record of success over time.  A company that has been around, has a large installed base, and is still growing.  You also want to find a franchisor who understand that training and support are critical to the success of their franchisees.  Look for a company that provides extensive training on how to understand your customer’s needs and how to present the product line so your customers understand how it meets their needs.

Many franchisors will talk a good game.  They tout all the national advertising they buy.  That is important, but you also want to know how they are going to help you at home in your local market.  What are they doing to help get you started and become successful?  The right company will help you put together a marketing plan and provide ongoing support and training.  Starting out on the right foot is the quickest way to get a return on your investment.

While businesses like McDonald’s, UPS, and H&R Block all offer different services and products, they all have one thing in common–they’re franchises.

Much like these companies, CTI offers a way for people to build a successful business by giving them access to a well-established brand and business model, as well as training and superior product. What sets CTI apart from the rest however, is the low cost of the initial investment and no franchise fees or royalties of any kind.

Our average price tag of $19,500 includes our top of the line products, equipment, and advertising materials. We don’t charge any franchise fees or royalty fees. Many other companies do however. In fact, if you’ve been looking into owning your own franchise, you’ve probably realized just how high the costs are.

According to Business Insider, you’ll need at least $750,000 in liquid assets to open either a McDonald’s or Taco Bell restaurant. Or, if you’re more interested in selling fried chicken, you’ll need have a minimum net worth of $1.5 million, plus $750,000 in liquid assets, to open a KFC.  Of course that initial fee doesn’t include the royalty fee (a percentage of yearly gross revenue sales) or the franchise fee. For some chains, the royalty fee can be as high as 12 percent. The franchise fee is around $40,000 for some of the more popular chains, like Wendy’s. There’s more though. Some chains charge both a service and advertising fee–about 5 percent of gross sales.

What we offer at CTI isn’t technically a “turnkey” franchise. We offer dealer packages, which are 100% backed with inventory, equipment, and marketing and offer a quick and accessible pathway to owning your own business–with all the perks and support of a franchise, but with increased autonomy and no fees.

So what is a dealership?  Essentially, it’s an agreement that allows you to sell our product and services, often with exclusive rights in a specific area. The most classic example is a car dealership, though RadioShack is another example.

Are you thinking about becoming a dealer for us? It’s a great opportunity! We invite you to learn more about our product and dealer packages at

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CTi will jump start your business with its proven direct mail program that targets specific homeowners anywhere in the United States. These programs will get your phone ringing with qualified individuals who are excited about becoming your customers.

To help you in these inquiries, CTi provides its Dealers with a professionally designed web site template so you can develop an internet presence immediately.

CTi has a number of sales and marketing tools to aid you in creating demand for the product as well as explaining it to your customers.

We offer our Dealers an award-winning Navigator program that allows you to show the customer what their home will look like before and after the CTi System is installed. In addition, we provide an Estimator Software that insures you quote a profitable price for each job.