Here are some examples of the booths our Dealers have setup around the nation as Home Show season is in full swing.

CTI NW in Oregon City, OR
Northwest Custom Resurfacing in Eatonville, WA
Mississippi Specialty Concrete in Florence, MS
TNT Landscape Services in Crossville, TN

We’ve been getting some terrific preliminary reports from our Dealers as they are following up on the interested prospects from their Spring Home and Garden Show:

  • CTi of Rockford, IL has already secured 35 jobs from their show.
  • Our Dealer in Mondovi, WI secured 16 jobs from their show
  • CTi of Central Ohio secured 37 qualified leads from their show and they’re following up now.

Home shows are a great way to kickoff the Spring season.  Our Dealers will keep their businesses busy for months from these shows and is a fantastic way to introduce a prospective customer to the CTi product line.

Great group of people attended the February 23/24 training seminar.  Below are some photos from the class.  We walk the new Dealers through application of the product, the science of concrete repair, how to advertise effectively, managing crews for maximum performance, managing cash flow and other subjects related to being a successful CTi Dealer.

CTI would like to congratulate the businesses who are celebrating their anniversary as Concrete Technology Inc. Dealers in the month of March:

D&K Maintenance – SC – 22 years
CTi of the Triad – NC – 22 years
Concrete Creations – TN – 21 years
Coastal Coating Resurfacing – FL – 21 years
Gross Concrete Design – KS – 14 years
Main St. Kitchens – NY – 4 years
Concrete Design Works – TX – 4 years
CTi of Puerto Rico – PR – 3 years
Cowboy Concrete Restoration – WY – 3 years
Concrete Sensations – TX – 3 years
NM Construction Group – AL – 3 years
Concrete Technology of Edwardsville – IL – 2 years
Texas Concrete Technology – TX – 2 years
JP Concrete Designs – NE – 2 years
CTi of NE Indiana – IN – 2 years
Concrete Overlays – PA – 2 years
CTi of Mid America – KS – 2 years
Valley Custom Concrete – NY – 2 years
CTi Boston – MA – 2 years
Northwest Custom Concrete Resurfacing – WA – 2 years
Concrete Resurfacing Coatings – GA – 2 years
Ken’s Concrete – WI – 2 years
Walterscheid Decorative Concrete – CO – 2 years
Surface Aces – MI – 1 year
CTi of Rockford – IL – 1 year
CTi DC Nova – VA – 1 year
Creative Surface Works – CO – 1 year
Custom Concrete Solutions – KS – 1 year
Concrete Technology of SE Michigan – 1 year
Centennial CTi – CO – 1 year
Armor Coat – ND – 1 year
Concrete Resurfacing – CA – 1 year
Potomac Concrete Solutions – VA – 1 year
Creative Concrete and Countertops – VA – 1 year
Badgerland Concrete – WI – 11 years
Broken Arrow Concrete Designs – OK – 6 years
CTi of Augusta – GA – 5 years
Acrylic Concrete Enhancement – NJ – 4 years
Georgia Urban Designs – GA – 3 years
Lynn’s Carpentry & Design – IA – 15 years
Concrete Solutions & Design – FL – 13 years
CTi Concrete Solutions – IL – 13 years

Spring is Right Around the Corner!  Read the email we received from Ed Stahl, owner of CTi of Central Ohio after we emailed him another inquiry that contacted our home office.  Ed started his Dealership on February 10th and worked his tail off to get ready for the Columbus Home and Garden show.  The work paid off!!

Will do! Thanks. I will be curious to see if it came from my show setup. Which is going quite well by the way. 13 rfq’s in first 2 days. And 70 plus handouts to people we spoke with that we’re interested. 6 more days of show left.  Here’s our booth. 

I made those samples wed-fri and set the booth up by Friday eve. Thanks again for everything. 
Ed Stahl