Concrete Technology Inc. prides itself on having some of the most talented, best trained Dealers in the industry. We provide these Dealers with ongoing training in many different formats.

Online training via our Dealer support site, the phone app we provide our Dealers has many different ways to improve their application prowess, our initial Dealer training is available for free to existing Dealers as their companies grow and they want to send additional employees to get better trained and lastly, we provide advanced training on products and applications that make our Dealers more competitive in the field and better able to satisfy the needs of home and business owners across the country.

What We Do

When our Dealers visit homeowners, the issues they hear most often fall into two main camps:

  1. The Homeowner has issues with their concrete and want those issues fixed. This could be anything from cracking in the concrete, mold problems in certain areas, spalling in areas of the country where salts are used to melt the ice during Winter or any number of other issues. Our Dealers focus on the protective and easy maintenance qualities of our product line in these circumstances so the homeowner understands we can protect their concrete and make it easier to maintain.
  2. The Homeowner doesn’t like the look of the area with just plain, gray concrete. This is where our product truly shine. There are a number of protective finishes for concrete on the market today, but none of them match the unique looks that can be offered by the CTi product line. Our products can transform a dull, gray concrete slab into brick, stone, hardwood, or something truly unique.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest selling points you provide the homeowner as a CTi Dealer is the product’s ease of maintenance. Compared to concrete or other products such as tile, brick, etc. the CTi product is very easy to maintain.

Easy maintenance does mean some basic maintenance however. Some common questions we receive from homeowners are listed below:

How do I remove oil or grease if it falls on the CTi product? Oil and grease spots can be removed using a mild dish detergent along with water.

How do I get rid of stubborn mineral or rust deposits on the CTi product? Rust or mineral deposits can be removed using a light muriatic acid (like the type used in swimming pools) and water. Bleach can also be used to clean these type deposits.

Vinegar can be used for some stubborn stains on the CTi product as well. Periodic cleaning of the product with a hose and brush will prevent excessive dirt build up as well.

Going Vertical

Stem walls, retaining walls and other walls made of concrete can use the CTi treatment. You can turn plain old gray concrete into something spectacular and save money compared to installing the industry standard products.

Concrete Is Our Canvas

CTi’s tag line of “Concrete Is Our Canvas” sums up what our Dealers provide for home and business owners around the country. From a simple, modern look to something truly spectacular, our Dealers can transform existing concrete into works of art.

Social Media

CTi Dealers around the country are finding a lot of success advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. The data gathering these platforms have performed provides a terrific tool for targeting customers who are likely to be interested in decorative and protective coatings for concrete.

Targeting these types of customers is a simple matter of browsing through the hundreds of demographic and psychographic data points these various media can provide. Homeowners who are actively seeking ways to improve the looks of their home, who live in a home that is in the top 30% of the values for the area you’re targeting and have expressed an interest in decorative concrete is just one of the combinations you can use.

This rifle shot approach can be supplemented by targeting the zip codes, cities, counties or other geographic areas of your choosing. When you put it all together, you have a cost effective way of putting an ad in front of a customer who can sometimes be close to ideal. Dealers have been finding the average lead costs them between $15 and $25.