Special Report

If you’re looking at starting a concrete company, look no further than CTi. With our proven business model, lack of traditional franchise expenses, and hundreds of satisfied dealers, a CTi dealership is not only one of the easiest businesses to start, but also one of the most economical.

When homeowners in your area want to increase their home’s value, they look to their curb appeal. When repairs need to be made, concrete is normally one of the first and most vital. That’s where you come in. Start a home improvement business with us and help transform the neighborhoods around you with you as a CTi dealer. We’ll give you the education and tools you need not only to learn the process of concrete technology, but also how to most effectively run your new small business.

Starting a concrete company is more simple and low-cost than ever. Best of all, CTi is not a franchise. That means there are no royalties due, and you’ll never once write a check for franchise fees. Pay for your dealership, completely backed by CTi’s industry leading equipment, product, and advertising, and get to work. No hidden fees. Run the business on your time, however you so choose. No background in construction needed, either. If you enjoy working with your hands, working with others, and want to start a home improvement business that will help improve yourself and your neighborhood, contact CTi today!

Franchise.com, a website exclusively dedicated to franchise opportunities and resources, seems to agree that starting a concrete company is best with CTi! Watch the video below to learn why they call CTi “one of the least expensive opportunities we’ve seen”! Learn about our special training, and read through our dealer brochure to learn more!