Company Vehicle

In the home services industry, a company’s vehicle is not only a means of transportation but a rolling billboard for the company. When the owner or his employees are driving the vehicle, it reflects the company and can be a great way of introducing people to the products or services the company offers.

There are times however when the message can damage the company and cost it customers. Remember when the vehicle is on the road it is a representation of the company and its employees. When the vehicle is driving on a busy road and is cutting off other cars because it is driving too aggressively it can have those drivers take note of the company and cause them to not only not use the company for their needs but also talk poorly about the company to their friends.

Social Media Advertising

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and many others have changed the game on how Dealers are reaching their prospective customers. Social media provides a way to target the people most interested in your products by both developing a following to your page on the site, boosting certain posts to those people and advertising to new folks who may not follow your page through more traditional advertising means.

The bottom line however is these sites can provide a cost effective way to combine your message, market and media to reach the right folks and help grow your business. In addition, these sites can work within any budget you might have and you can turn the advertising on and off as often as you need to so you can keep up with the demand.

Curb Appeal

One of the many advantages CTi’s product line offers homeowners is the curb appeal offered by their home. The first impression when guests are arriving or the first glance of a potential buyer if you’re trying to sell can go a long way towards creating a welcoming first appearance. Below is an example of a home before and after CTi’s curb appeal treatment.


One of the advantages of the CTi product line is its versatility. Dealers can use the same components to create unique looks by mixing and applying them in different ways. Below are some of the examples.


CTi is proud to announce its addition of the F1 Fast Floor Low Odor to its product line. The F1 offers a tough, durable, easy to clean floor that is perfect for garages, workshops, basements and commercial areas such as hangars and restaurant kitchens.

The F1 technology allows for a fast turnaround that is perfect for areas where the customer cannot have the area out of use for extended periods of time.

The F1 Fast Floor Low odor is perfect for many areas around the home or office

Rally Time!

One of the ways we support our Dealers and keep them on the cutting edge of the decorative concrete industry is getting together for a Dealer Rally. Our most recent event was held at our national headquarters in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Dealers learned new application techniques and we rolled out our new low odor F1 Fast Floor System. Dealers also participated in round table discussions regarding best practices on subjects such as advertising media, best ways to maximize cash flow in their Dealership, where to find the best employees and more. Below are a few pictures to give you a flavor of the event.

It’s How Tough?

We get comments regularly from customers who are happy and amazed with how durable the CTi System is. Periodically a customer will send us a photo and drop a line that is simply too good not to share. Below is a walkway that was done in Cincinnati, Ohio nineteen years ago. The Dealer came out pressure washed and applied a new coat of sealer and the job looks brand new!

Working the Work Force

The latest job reports came out and the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8%; great news for job seekers as the market is becoming tighter and it appears that most anyone who wants a job has one. This is not so great news when it comes to business owners looking for people to fill multiple positions (read fast food, construction businesses, etc.)

A CTi Dealership has the main advantages of being a high margin and low overhead business; however, one of the other advantages it offers is the business only requires 1-2 employees to operate the business. CTi Dealers are primarily owner/operators in their business, this means they are either meeting with prospective customers or on the job site. As the business grows, they can either find or groom one person to install the product (along with one helper), or they can hire someone to meet with prospective customers and concentrate on the installations.

Either growth path only requires the hiring of 1-2 people to create a business that can generate a healthy business and an abundant bottom line.

What Does It Take?

In the 26 years I’ve been speaking with prospective Dealers, one of the more popular questions I get is, “what does it take to be successful as a Dealer?” My answer always revolves around the same three main areas although I tell the person it’s a lot like golf in that you can learn to play the game in a few hours but you’ll spend a lifetime mastering it.

  1. Commitment and Persistence – when starting any business, the more committed you are to its success, the more it will reflect in everything you do. I’ve seen Dealers who go the extra mile for customers, who come to work everyday with an unstoppable attitude but really the main thing is waking up each morning with a set of goals you want to accomplish. These daily goals lead to monthly goals which, in turn, lead to yearly goals. Successful Dealers work this attitude into their lifestyle and create a type of person in which anything is possible.
  2. Selling – any business owner knows one of the best talents to have is the ability to sell your ideas. This isn’t just the ability to convince a prospective customer that the CTi System is the answer to the issues they’re experiencing with their concrete when they see it; it’s also the when you can sell your crew on they’re capabilities of getting the job done in a fashion that will exceed the customer’s expectations or those times when they have to sell themselves on their ability to overcome adversity.
  3. Organization – This seems to be obvious, but I see it so rarely done in the contracting world. A Dealer’s ability to keep his business organized, to show up for appointments on time, to complete the project on time, to keep his business humming through each and every “touch point” it has with the customer is crucial to its success. Does the advertising look professional? Is the website easy to navigate and up to date? Is the phone answered in a way in which the customer is not put off when they call? These are but a few of the areas where a business can help itself stand out from the competition.