Lead Follow Up

Tips for Effective Lead Follow Up

  • The advertising you do for your business can be one of the best investments you make. When advertising is done correctly, it leads to people showing interest and wanting more information. Use the tips below to follow up on the folks who express interest in your products; they will lead to more sales and more revenue for your business.
  • Contact the lead as soon as possible.
  • Contact the lead in different ways (phone call, email, text).  Different people like communicating in different ways so don’t leave a resource at your disposal unused.
  • Refer to the reason you’re contacting the lead when speaking with the prospect or when leaving a message, email or text.  (I’m responding to your inquiry through Facebook regarding having the Concrete Technology System installed).
  • Continue trying to contact the lead until you get a final answer from the customer, either a firm no or an appointment to come see the job site and provide an estimate.
  • Don’t try to sell the product over the phone, email or text.  Your goal in following up on a lead is to set an appointment where you can examine the job site and determine the best solution for the customer. Only then can you provide a realistic estimate.
  • Set a firm time to meet with the prospect at their home.  Make sure anyone who will be involved with the final decision will be available for the meeting.  Be on time and prepared for the meeting once it comes around.
  • A “Drip Marketing” campaign can increase appointments set as well as number of sales made.  A drip marketing campaign is simply a way of methodically putting a message and your company’s name in front of the prospect on a regular basis.  These type campaigns have proven to increase the number of sales made from the current lead flow by 15% to 20%.

Amazing Transformations

CTi Dealers around the world create amazing transformations of existing concrete from an eye sore to a focal point around the home. Below is a project recently completed by Concrete Designs of Tampa Bay.

Is There a Market?

CTi has been in operation since 1991, those years have brought a number of trials from the marketplace such as recessions and other challenges. The market changes as people purchase products like concrete resurfacing for different reasons.

In good times, people have discretionary income and purchase these type products to improve the looks of their homes. Times when things are tighter however, homeowners still purchase these type products as a way of increasing the value of their home and view a product that provides an easier to maintain, longer lasting finish that has a warranty as a good financial move.

When you keep in mind the “3 M’s” of marketing, Message/Market/Media, you can see as the market changes, your message and how it’s delivered may need to change as well. The main thing to keep in mind is the history of the product shows there is a market for it during any economic time.

Do You Want Unique Concrete?

Want a look that’s out of the ordinary? This job was done by Coastal Concrete Designs in Alabama. Yes, it’s concrete and can be installed to fit your personality.

A Showroom in Your Home

Give your garage or workshop that “showroom” look with CTi’s F1 Fast Floor System. The F1 can normally be installed in one day and driven on the next. Tough as nails, chemical resistant and beautiful, contact us today for a free estimate.

These Are Laminate Counters?!

Many homeowners have found CTi’s new way of taking their existing laminate counters in the kitchen, bathroom and other places around the home or office and giving them a rich, new look. CTi’s Euro Bond System can transform your existing counters into the look of marble, granite or something truly unique.

The Euro Bond System is tough enough for use on your floors as well so homeowners can design a one of a kind match between their floors and counters throughout the home.

Reflective Flooring

CTi’s Reflective Flooring can provide your home or office with a look of marble or granite for a fraction of the cost. Durable and beautiful, this flooring is the perfect addition to your basement floor, kitchen, foyer or other areas around the home or office.

Reflective can also be installed over your existing laminate counters to give your home the beauty of marble or granite.

CTi Inside The Home

The holidays always have folks wanting their homes looking top notch. CTi has ways of dressing up basement floors, kitchen counters and other interior floors throughout the home. The product offers a tough, easy to clean surface that will last for years.

The CTi products can be installed to look like wood flooring, stone, tile and many other industry standard products.

Company Vehicle

In the home services industry, a company’s vehicle is not only a means of transportation but a rolling billboard for the company. When the owner or his employees are driving the vehicle, it reflects the company and can be a great way of introducing people to the products or services the company offers.

There are times however when the message can damage the company and cost it customers. Remember when the vehicle is on the road it is a representation of the company and its employees. When the vehicle is driving on a busy road and is cutting off other cars because it is driving too aggressively it can have those drivers take note of the company and cause them to not only not use the company for their needs but also talk poorly about the company to their friends.

Social Media Advertising

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and many others have changed the game on how Dealers are reaching their prospective customers. Social media provides a way to target the people most interested in your products by both developing a following to your page on the site, boosting certain posts to those people and advertising to new folks who may not follow your page through more traditional advertising means.

The bottom line however is these sites can provide a cost effective way to combine your message, market and media to reach the right folks and help grow your business. In addition, these sites can work within any budget you might have and you can turn the advertising on and off as often as you need to so you can keep up with the demand.