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Happy Anniversary

The driveway below received the CTi Acrylistain System over a year ago from Stingray Concrete Design and still looks brand new. Our Dealers can provide your existing concrete an exciting new look as well as a product that is more durable and easier to maintain than concrete.


This is a great time of year to spend time on your patio enjoying the weather outdoors. Our CTi Dealers can provide your patio with a look that will enhance your enjoyment as well provide you with a surface that will be easier to maintain and increase the value of your home.

CTi’s Carved Acrylistain application can help areas where the cracking in the concrete may be too severe to fix but not severe enough to keep the concrete structurally sound. A beautiful alternative that provides an easier to clean and protected surface and keeps further deterioration from happening.

Dealer Shout Out

A shout out to Carlos “JC” Casas, owner of Miami Concrete Designs. JC and his staff have been surpassing their customers expectations in southeast Florida since 2021!


Do you love the look of hardwood but wished it was easier to take care of? Let our Dealers show you our “Woodcrete” application that provides all of the beauty of hardwood but is easier to maintain.

CTi prides itself on having a network of some of the best trained installers of decorative concrete in the country. Our initial training teaches our Dealers not only the proper installation of our decorative coatings but also covers the science of concrete repair and restoration. The training doesn’t stop there though, CTi Dealers have numerous…

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Concrete Is Our Canvas!

Concrete is one of the most widely used building products on the planet. While concrete can provide a strong, durable surface in and around your home, it does have shortcomings that the CTi Systems can correct. Easier to maintain than concrete, stronger, and more beautiful than plain gray concrete, the CTi System is the perfect…

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Dealer Shout Out

A Shout Out to Wayne Roland, owner of NewCrete Finish. Wayne and his staff have been taking excellent care of the Delaware customers since 2020!

Sales Diagnosis

Many times sales is taught as how to repeat the perfect script in order to impress the customer with features and benefits of a product so as to have them want to buy it. Asking the customer questions about their needs is a much more effective way of starting off a sales conversation. The three…

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