CTi wants you to have a thorough understanding of what we offer so getting started is easy. All you have to do is register for one of our two-day training seminars that will show you all of our applications and introduce you to our marketing plan for building your business. To find out the details of our training seminar, click here

No. CTI prides itself on providing a product line that is user friendly and easy to install. In addition, we support our Dealers via:

  1. A comprehensive, hands-on training program.
  2. The industry’s most comprehensive training manual.
  3. A 24/7, live-person, technical support hot-line.
  4. A proprietary Dealer web site with technical and bulletin board sections.
  5. A set of Technical Videos that show our Dealers the most popular installation techniques.

CTI has successful Dealers who come from all walks of life: airline pilots, teachers, truck drivers, computer programmers and many others.

Most CTI Dealers operate with 2-3 people on the job site. In some cases, this includes the business owner. Other employees such as a person to handle sales calls and a receptionist in the office can be considered once the Dealership begins to grow.
CTi creates both online and offline marketing for your business to get the phones ringing as much as you like. Other forms of marketing that are very successful are Home and Garden shows as well as creating referrals from existing customers. Our marketing support and training will give your Dealership a well developed plan to provide for your success.

CTI provides you with a proven marketing plan during your initial training. This plan is designed to target the customers in your area that are most likely to buy the CTI System. You will be provided with a thorough understanding of how our plan works, as well as all of its tools, such as:

  1. A professionally designed trade show booth for Home and Garden Shows.
  2. National agreements with advertising vendors that will save you money on advertising you do yourself.
  3. Online and Social Media campaigns built for your Dealership.
  4. Professionally designed website for your Dealership.
  5. Brochures for retail prospects.
  6. Yard signs for referral customers.
  7. Photos and sample making kits so you can WOW your customers.
Although this depends on the skills and motivation of the particular Dealer, CTI prides itself on the way it establishes CTI Dealers. All Dealership investments are secured with stocking inventory. This means that CTI Dealers do not have to be concerned with fees such as franchise fees, royalties and advertising fees. CTI Dealers who implement the marketing plan we provide, use our sales process and install even 1 job per week will find themselves in a positive cash flow position within 60-90 days.
A CTI Dealership can be purchased for as little as $15,000. Your investment will be secured with stocking inventory, marketing materials and tools and equipment.
CTI offers its Dealers the ability to be the exclusive Dealer for a particular county or counties. This means that the Dealer will own the only CTI location for the area and will have the exclusive advertising rights for the area. The only exception we provide is referral work. If you are invited, via referral, to another county to install an application, CTI will allow for that particular application as long as no further advertising is done.
Most CTI Dealers work out of a panel truck or attach a trailer to their current vehicle.

Across the nation, the average size of a CTI Job is between 800 and 1,000 square feet.

A job of 800 – 1,000 square feet with average preparation and installation will normally take 3 people 1 – 1 ½ days or 2 people 1 ½ – 2 days to complete.  To see how our Hallmark Application is installed, click here.
Yes, CTI allows you the flexibility to begin your business at the level you find most comfortable.
Yes, CTI has a simple one page agreement that outlines the nature of our relationship with you as a CTi Dealer.
Yes, CTI allows a transfer of ownership based upon the terms of your sale as well as the new owner attending our corporate training.  The new owner would sign a new agreement with CTi once the buy/sell agreement was received.
Yes, CTI prides itself on having some of the best trained Dealers in the industry.  Once you’ve become a CTi Dealer, the basic training for you and any of your employees is free of charge.  In addition, you are able to attend Dealer rallies throughout the year, attend weekly “Talk With the Pros” conference calls where Dealers conference with our technicians and discuss application and preparation techniques.
Yes, all of CTi’s Dealership packages are 100% backed by inventory, equipment and marketing and can be completely customized.  We have standard packages for you if you wish, but we want to make sure you have exactly what you need in order to be successful.
No, once you’re a Dealer, you can place orders for as much or as little product as you need.
All Dealership territories within the United States are determined by county.  A Dealer has the ability to be an exclusive Dealer for a county depending the size of the Dealership and the size of the county.  If a Dealer is not the exclusive representative for the area, CTi will account for a certain level of population in the county and allow additional Dealers until the county’s entire population is accounted for.  This insures that no area has an overabundance of Dealers.
CTi’s products have been used in the Northern United States, Canada, and many other colder climates for over 20 years.  The product is designed to withstand deterioration from salts, de-icing agents, and other chemicals used during these months.  In addition, CTi’s acrylic concrete is stronger and more flexible than concrete and can stand up to the freeze/thaw movement concrete experiences during the colder months.
While the requirements differ from state to state, most Dealers use some form of general liability policy that is relatively inexpensive. It’s always best to consult with a commercial insurance agent to determine the proper needs of your business.
CTi’s acrylic concrete coatings have been around since 1991. In that time, our Dealers have installed over 90 million square feet around the globe. There are trillions of square feet of concrete that could use the protective and decorative features of our products, so we’re just now scratching the surface in terms of market penetration.
Licensing varies via county or state depending on where you’re located. Some areas of the country require minimal to no licensing while others require a more specific license to operate the business. To find out what is needed for your area, contact your local licensing board and find out what type of license is needed to power wash and seal concrete.
CTi provides a full line of the equipment needed to operate your Dealership.
We receive hundreds of inquiries each month from people who want to start Dealerships. CTi prides itself on forming a partnership with each Dealer it supports and therefore wants to make sure we understand the needs of each prospective Dealer as well as their background prior to opening. The Request for Consideration provides us with this information so we can insure a successful partnership.