February 6, 2024

I also want to acknowledge Ryan who has talked me through a number of learning experiences. I want you both to know that I take pride when I speak of my relationship with CTi and how satisfied I am that my customers from year one do not contact me about problems with the work we did, and I attribute that to the quality of the products they have available through my CTi dealership (and of course the prep prep prep that differentiates some of us from others who take short cuts… Thanks for the confidence!

Wayne Roland
NewCrete Finishes

January 29, 2024

Divine Concrete Solutions

Authorized CTI Dealer since June 2021 for Decorative Concrete Coating Products & Services

Before becoming a CTI dealer, I ran a one-man handyman service in the Manatee and Sarasota County areas. After the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to find a business with more structure. I scoured the internet looking for a franchise business that I could afford and operate. I stumbled across Concrete Technology Incorporated (CTI) and started looking at the product line, and how they were able to transform ordinary concrete into a beautiful work of art. At that moment, I fell in love with the product and the company. I’ve been around construction almost four decades and had not seen the ability to transform ordinary concrete with the systems that were provided by CTI.

I was limited on the amount of capital, I had to start a new business. All of the other franchises that I viewed online required more money up front than I could afford at that time, and they required a continual franchise fee. After reviewing CTI’s Dealer requirements, I realized that it was nothing like a franchise, as far as cost, but provided all of the business and technical support of a franchise. I was determined to become a CTI dealer. I did not have all of the money required for the initial startup package (due to some unexpected extenuating circumstances) however, CTI found a way to bring me on board. I was ecstatic, and ready to hit the ground running. I attended the new dealer training program and met the office staff for the first time in person. Everyone was professional, courteous and full of knowledge about their systems. Chuck and Ryan have been phenomenal in helping me with training or technical issues. Joe and Margie never complain when I call them at 7:30 a.m. to let him know that I am on my way to pick up an order that I am just placing at that time. The guys in the warehouse always welcome me with a big smile and a few jokes. Kevin, Brad, Larry and the rest of the front office personnel have always been supportive and encouraging.

Becoming a CTI dealer and starting this new business has been full of challenges, but I have been able to hurdle each of them with the support of CTI. I started this business with the attitude of “Go Big or Go Home”. I am not where I want to be (but I not where I was) and feel like I have turned the corner and I am headed in the right direction. I feel like I have found my niche and wish I had done this 20 years ago.

Since June of 2021, Divine Concrete Solutions (DCS) has been Transforming boring, cracked & ugly concrete into a beautifully crafted work of art that’s strong, elegant & easy to maintain utilizing CTI’s trademark systems such as Hallmark, Spraymark, F1 Fast Floor, Durafleck, Color Tone Classic, Stone Classic and more. I enjoy applying the standard systems and colors designed through CTI, but I am not afraid to take on more custom systems and colors utilizing CTI’s products for all exterior and interior concrete surfaces. My completed job list includes driveways patios porches walkways pool decks interior living spaces countertops and garages. I think my most profitable jobs, and most rewarding, have been driveways. Driveways are not only larger in square footage, but the installation process gets all of the neighbors attention, and usually equates to additional work.

The single smartest move I made, was deciding to become a CTI dealer and second, partnering with local concrete tradesmen who already have a thriving business, but do not want to do decorative concrete coatings. I have one concrete company that will only refer my company to clients needing concrete coatings. A lot of these referrals turn into repeat business with other homeowners, home builders, and contractors.

January 25, 2024

Since starting as a CTI dealer in October 2023, I have had as much support as needed along the way. The product is incredible, and after completing training I had the knowledge and resources necessary to build my business around the CTI systems. I am still working to grow the business considerably, but I am confident that my drive to succeed and the support from the tech team will get my business to where I want it to be.


January 24, 2024

I would like to say that we have been with CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY, INC. for 32 years, and it was the best decision we have ever made.

The company has been hands down, the most supportive people we have ever encountered.

We started out small, and through the years continued to grow, and we wouldn’t have been able to without CTI’s nurturing and fantastic support. 

They have an excellent reputation in the coating industry and am so glad we went with them.

We are continuing to put out great workmanship and all of our customers are thrilled with this product. We go over a lot of failed jobs from other companies. 

CTI is a top notch company !

Thank you,

Diane Dalla Chiara


March 30, 2023

We’ve made our samples, have two projects lined up and have appointments set through the advertising package.  We’re excited to get this business kicked into the next gear!

Concrete Concepts of Central New York

Jan 14, 2023

We’ve been working with Ron through the Dealer Quick Start Program, what a great asset to have.  We are further along in building our business in the first two months than we thought we would be in our first year.

Robert Nath
CTi of the Treasure Coast

April 19, 2022
CTI Team

I just want to take the  time to thanks everyone for bringing me to the company, those who gave the training  Mr. Chuck, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Brad ,MR. Mike for all the information and calls, Mr. Kirk for the web cite  , to Mr. Kevin for creating this opportunity and everyone for their support that I have received so far

It is an honor for me to be part of such a prestigious company and I am very excited to start a new adventure in the construction business.

again thank you very much for all your support

Nery Bartolon
Ultratech Concrete Solutions

May 7, 2021
We’re on pace to have our best year every with over one million in revenue!

Jerry – Concrete Technology of Hawaii

May 4, 2021
Just finished an RFI job for $6,000 and then a patio for $1,700 this weekend.  I have a $27,000 job to do a driveway and two porches.  Not bad for my first month!
Stu Murray
Murray CTi Concrete Design, Texas

September 1, 2020
What a great course you and your lovely wife put together. I was soooooo wrong and my assumption was waaaaay off too!  I really need this. I want to replicate your success. Larry did me right!
Jonathan Morris
Concrete Design Masters of Florida

February 18, 2020
I did $140,000.00 in bids last week. I secured $50,000 of it looks like my marketing plan is starting to work. My website helps a lot . I also use Home Advisor for leads. I am in my third year. 3 of the bids are commercial.
Lewis Jones

January 28, 2020

Hi Kevin,

I wanted to take a few minutes to send you a quick email to tell you how impressed with have been with your company and the people that you have working with you.  Chuck and Ryan were great, we really appreciated the help and knowledge they provided and also just their personalities in general.

I really wanted to let you know how amazing Mike has been.  He has been so good to work with us.  Based on the time difference between Florida and Utah as well as having to wait until Jason was off work, he has spent many hours after his normal business hours this past month working through things with us.  He has never made us feel like it has been an imposition on him and his personal life.

On Friday, he stayed with us at the office until after 5:30 to get our Performa finalized and the shipping set up.  He then  took us down to the place we were supposed to rent our car from.  When we got there, it was about 20 mins before closing but there was a note on the door stating they would be right back.  We told him to just drop us off and head home but he wouldn’t.  Long story short, they never showed and we had to run back to the Tampa airport to pick up a car.  We kept telling him to just let us call an Uber to take us back but he said no and took us all the way back to the airport.  He went so far above and beyond to take care of us and to make our experience as easy on us as possible.  I am sure after working with him as long as you have you realize what caliber of person he is but we wanted to let you know that we have been so impressed with him, his knowledge, and what a genuinely nice person he is.

We are very much looking forward to this next phase in our life with starting this business.  Meeting the people at the company and learning the product this past week has made us much more comfortable with the decision we have made to go in this direction.

Thanks for all of your hospitality and knowledge you shared with us last week.



Susan Christensen

January 17, 2020

Thanks so much for the assistance that you have given us over our first year.  Lane and I are excited about going into our 2nd year and what all it may bring.


Susan Flanders

July 22, 2019

Hey Brad,Thanks for your follow up, and conversation today . That really helps us out, and look forward to continuing business. We appreciate the entire CTI staff, the business venture has been top notch so far !

CTi Renovations – PA

August 14, 2018

Hey Ryan,I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the thoroughness of the training and support I’ve already received. I’m pumped to get started so once my material arrives and I get organized I’ll be sending you pictures of my plywood samples and will incorporate your feedback before taking on the first job. I also have another guy who is fully on board to work with me and manage a crew (and more as we grow) so I’m sending him to the next training class.

I hope to tackle my first real job in about 3 weeks and already have several lined up. I know it’s just going to take off from there. Thanks again and you can call me Jake going forward (my Mother is only one who calls me Jacob and that’s when she’s yelling at me)!


July 6, 2018

Hi Guys,

I started my own business in December of 2017. Twelve months prior to that, I explored a few different business models trying to figure out what was best for me. At the time I was a suit and tie wearing business banker of 12 years. Through a lot of research I realized the home improvement industry was booming in my area and concrete has outstanding margins. I found CTi online, meet with them, and joined a couple of their calls. I quickly began to realize the margins in this industry were actually better than I initially thought. Having no construction background at all, the fear of going from a business banker to a contractor began to set in. I had further conversations with Nick Urino at CTi and he assured me, “we will teach you everything you need to know”. At this moment and every previous moment leading up to it Nick Urino was great, so I decided to sign up. The two day training led by Chuck Brewer and Ryan Rosenberger was amazing and gave me a lot of the basics making me dangerous with all my new material. I started the business in December and had my first job scheduled the following month in January 2018. There have been a lot of hard lessons learned along the way, but I have always been able to rely on the crew at CTi for support. I have called, emailed, and smoke signaled Ryan and Chuck hundreds of times!!! 99% of the time they are answering the phone right away, and any other time they get back to me within an hour or so. The difficulty of learning the construction aspect of the business is relieved with the great support group at CTi. The other end of starting this company is the business aspect of everything. Marketing, P&Ls, Profit Margins, and everything is reviewed in training with Brad too! Even afterwards, Brad has been there to answer any questions I have.

Six months into this I have collected over $65,000 in sales and am booked out for the next 6 weeks. Also hiring on my third employee which will allow me to start taking on even more work. This so far has been the biggest and best decision I have made in my life.

Thanks Kevin for the team you have there at CTi. Every single person in that building and helped me in some why to succeed! Thank you so much!

Tampa Custom Concrete

February 13, 2018

Hey Brad,

I just wanted to give Chuck a raving review. He has been such an incredible help to Rob and I! He always is willing to answer questions and help us problem solve. He always amazes us with his knowledge and recommendations. Nights, weekend, it really doesn’t matter he has been there. We really appreciate him and wanted CTI to know! Thank you!

Amanda – CTi Creative Resurfacing Innovations

February 7, 2018

We’re excited about the results from our first home show, our booth generated 40 inquiries that have already turned into six jobs for our Dealership. We’re very pleased with the first three months of operation and looking forward to a great first full season.

Gary – Owner, Condeco Concrete Surfaces

December 12, 2017

It was great meeting you all in person! It was also encouraging to learn more from the BEST on how to START the business, APPLY the system, utilize RESOURCES available to us, and how to be SUCCESSFUL on this journey. I enjoyed it all.

Carisma Jeffers

October 25, 2017

Kert, excellent job on the call tonight sir.  I sit in several director level calls a week, that aren’t that professionally driven.  I’m excited about this opportunity

Kevin Riddell

August 31, 2017


Just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with CTI as a company, and Supplier as well. You were able to answer all of my questions about the products, Installation, As well as Marketing and Sales
to profitability. Hope to see you at the School October 5th & 6th.

Gary Worley
Project Mgr.
Construction Services, LLC.

June 28, 2017

Rick, FYI…CTi Rocks! Will end up with $17,500 in sales my first month in business. Very Pleased!

Russell Conine
Pro Concrete Resurfacing

March 14, 2017

Chuck, Ryan and Brad,

Thanks to each of you for an excellent couple of days of training last week.  Learned much with much still to learn.  I liked the blend of hands on with each of your instructions.

Bill Eveleth

March 13, 2017


I want to thank you for all of your help over the past weeks and especially last week while Jeff & I were there for training. Thanks for picking me up & returning us to the airport. Sorry you had to endure the Friday traffic in getting us back.

As we were running out of time yesterday I did not get to personally thank Kevin, Chuck, Ryan, and Brad for the excellent training we received. Please thank them for both Jeff and me! Thank Kevin for the meals also. It was very nice of him to do that. The food was great too.

We are anxious to get started making the systems. Hopefully we dont wear Chuck & Ryan out with questions.

Thanks again! Jeff & I feel very good about this business opportunity w/ CTI.

Larry Mitschke

February 20, 2017

Thanks for the lead you sent over.   I will be curious to see if it came from my show setup which is going quite well by the way.  13 request for quotes in first 2 days and 70 plus handouts to people we spoke with who are interested…6 more days of the show left.
I made those samples Wed-Fri and set the booth up by Friday eve.  Thanks again for everything.

Ed Stahl
CTi of Central Ohio

October 17, 2016

Dear Kevin:

Today my son and I started what we trust would be a family business and a long term relationship with a trusted partner.  While good products are essential to success, people are the ones that make it happen and I want to congratulate you for the great team that you and Brad have assembled and the winner culture that everyone at CTi projects.

Chuck, Ryan, Diana, Mike seem just the golden tip of the iceberg in what feels like the right partner with whom to launch Surfacexperts.  Work and dedication on our part will determine our eventual success but I am glad and encouraged to do it with the fine team which I am sure is a reflection of you.

Looking forward to growing with your support and seeing you again soon.

All the best to the CTi team.

Miguel and Alfonso Montero

September 12, 2016

Hi Brad,

Earlier this week the local Fox TV affiliate broadcast a very nice profile of our recently completed 3,400 square foot pool deck at the Downtown Green Bay Y.

Feel free to share this link and post the video to your CTI Facebook page:

I’d like to thank Chuck for his guidance to me and to the Y folks with technical assistance, particularly with products and capabilities of going over crummy 50 year old tile.

Also many thanks to Kathy and Tom, obviously this wouldn’t have been happened without them. They started working with the Y back in 2012 until the project was resurrected this year. Kathy and Tom were instrumental in advising our work crew and me with an overall project plan, what products to order, installation techniques, and more.
Lastly our crew of Shawn, Danny, and Jake were real professionals, working without complaint in a hot, humid aquatics center in July. They pulled through some major challenges, including last minute add-ons (grout lines), filling many bare spots in the old tile, floating concrete flush with drains and depth markers, spraying in and around hard to reach spaces, and keeping the pool water free from dust, debris, and overspray.

As a new dealer this was a big deal for me personally, there was a lot riding on its outcome. I have gone back to the Y several times since completion to check up on things. It never gets old to hear the staff say they’re thrilled with their new pool deck. All in all it was a great success for CTI!

Blue Earth Concrete, LLC

May 5, 2016

Hard to believe I’ve been doing this for over ten years.  There’s still no doubt I chose the best when I went with CTi.

Glen Marlette
Custom Concrete Coatings

April 20, 2016


The launch of this business has exceeded my expectations thus far!  I appreciate the help from Chuck, Leo, Dianna as well.  More to come!

Michael Travis
Concrete Designs of Tampa Bay

August 10, 2015

Dear Chuck,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support this year.  I’m finishing job #22 this week!  I have six more jobs lined up and we’ve made almost $100,000 in sales so far this year!  We were hoping for $50,000 when we started.  I would never have thought we would have made so many sales, it’s amazing really.  $100,000 in four months, people love this CTi stuff!

Robert Leese
Inspired Concrete Design, MI.

June 4, 2015

Dear Mike,

A special thanks to you and David (and others) for a super fantastic repair, design and application of your concrete technology to our garage and driveway.  Faye and I are very appreciative of your patience and skills, and we are enjoying the professional look and comments from friends and neighbors.  Your ability to satisfy the customer is an outstanding characteristic and one that will bring you much success in your new endeavor.  After spending much time with you and your workers we have developed a repertoire that is much more than business related, much like family, I guess.

Thanks for your follow-up visits and phone calls. Again, many thanks for making us feel so special!

Russell and Faye Gibbs

April 6, 2015

I got approximately 50 leads from the show and have already booked 20 appointments, ten this week and ten next week. I should be putting in my first order for more product within a week or two. This is my first week of estimates and I already have three jobs sold and booked.

Valley Custom Concrete, New York

April 6, 2015


I would like to give credit where credit is due. RSVP has been tremendous for us at CTi Legacy.February 2 calls – a $2,500 sale turned into a $6,250.00 sale that day and later turned into a $22,000.00. The second call the guy decided not to do the project but it was a $7,900.00 proposal.March was like 8 calls – Those have turned into like $25,000 in sales do far.April was like 15 calls – A $3000 project turned into a $10,000.00 project and one of the neighbors looks like he wants a $35,000.00 project.

May is off the charts we are having a record month and more than half of our business is coming from RSVP in just the Collin County Zones.

I have more than $200,000.00 in proposals outstanding from just RSVP in the last four months. I have been in a VP of Home Depot, an Executive of Coca Cola’s home, Executive of Erickson, Investment Bankers, Mayors, City Council People. At least a dozen million to multi-million dollar home owners. Only a fool that markets to high end home owners would pass up working with you and RSVP.

I thank God every day that our paths crossed!

God Bless,

Mike Cheves
CTI Legacy

April 2016

First of all, I would like you to know how much Phil and I appreciate the time you took on Wednesday to talk to us “early drop-ins.” After all, we were only one day early. You took time out of your busy schedule and talked with us like we were old friends. This certainly got the visit off to a great start.

Training with Chuck and Ryan was a blast. They are obviously experts in CTi installation, and this was shown in every product demonstration. What they add is a sense of humor along with the feeling that they really care about us new dealers. In other words, training was not a dog and pony show in which the products are simply presented in a dull and boring way, with no sense of humanity and caring. I know that time constraints within the training schedule might make this unfeasible – but perhaps a little more hands on time? Just a tiny suggestion.

The sales and marketing segment, presented by Brad, was extremely informative and presented in a manner that involved the dealers and kept us attentive. Sales and marketing can be dry topics, but Brad kept us captivated. The information that he provided will certainly go a long way towards our success.

Last, but not least, a tip of the hat to our advisor, Christian. It was the series of calls we had that convinced us to put in with CTi. He patiently explained every aspect of the dealership, and never asked for a commitment (fully refundable) before we were fully CTi knowledgeable. I like to think my BS meter is fairly attuned and I felt that Christian was 100% honest and genuine. Nothing that happened since our first call makes me change my opinion. Bottom line is, without his guidance, I would not be a new dealer. I won’t even mention that he picked us up at the airport at the ungodly hour of 6:30AM.

Thank you all.
Norman Frankel

April 2016


Excellent training. Well thought out and organized. Good instructors and very likeable. There is a lot to take in. The company has been very quick and very detailed about supporting any technical need we have had so far.

Jeff Wells
Innovative Concrete Solutions

April 2016

Chuck and Ryan did a good job in explaining the processes, answering questions and allowing hands on for the group.

David Antoine
Conceptual Concrete Resurfacing

April 2016

After researching several franchise opportunities on the web site Franchise Solutions I inquired about CTi. My initial contact was with Kert Rhodes and was both informative and positive. Over the next few months I was provided with all the information required to make an informed and confident decision to join the CTi Team. After the decision was made, Kert ensured I was thoroughly prepared for the training. He also ensured I had as much of an understanding as possible before training, of the initial Platinum dealer package I was purchasing.

It was nice to have the opportunity to meet and speak with Kevin Wed afternoon and again Thursday morning. In a couple of short conversations a lot of the stress associated with decision to transition from a relatively well paying secure job to the uncertainty of self employment was alleviated.

The logistics were completely taken care of right from the breakfast at the hotel in the morning to returning in the evening. Providing lunch kept the students in house and the videos kept them focused.

Part of my current job is to assess the ability of our future leaders to instruct and pass there knowledge on to the next generation. I have also spent many hours listening to unenthusiastic instructors standing in front of power point presentations they have very little knowledge on. I was thoroughly impressed with Ryan and Chucks ability to both instruct and pass on their knowledge. Using techniques such as explain, demonstrate and then participate were very effective. They were constantly engaging the students ensuring everyone was grasping the knowledge they were passing on. Questions were answered completely and they did not continue until everyone was confident in the process. Their knowledge and excitement of the product was inspiring. I could not imagine more information being passed on in that short time period. I left confident that with practice, I would be able to apply the product effectively.

Technical Support:
Having received a lot of vital information in such a short time period could leave someone overwhelmed and worried about applying the new found knowledge at an actual job sight. This was alleviated quickly by the entire CTi Teams insistence that they all would be available for any support required. Both Chuck and Ryan personally ensured me at the end of the training they would be available for any technical support required.

Marketing and Sales:
In regards to the training, Brad’s instruction was both informative and engaging. It was definitely a case of lead by example. He was able to take a very broad subject and narrow it down to the required basics which provided me with the confidence required to approach customers. This was an area I was most worried about do to lack of experience in Marketing and Sales. It was exciting to realize that the success of the Franchise was all ready built in to the dealership package.

Jon Belton


Regarding our initial training, it was Excellent. While it was a lot to take in at one time, the training provided an excellent overview of the CTi systems. It by no means made us experts but gave us enough to build on and with the abundance of materials and resources and support I am confident we will become expert with time and experience. The customer friendly staff at CTi also enhanced the training.

Regarding the Technical Staff at CTi, Chuck and Ryan rock! They are a dynamic duo and made the training look easy. They were thorough and did not overlook anything even the simple but important things.

The marketing and sales training was excellent as well. Provided a comprehensive overview of how to market and sell the product and services touching on all aspects of sales and marketing. Manual is an excellent reference for ongoing use.

Derek Stanton and Audrey Hinds
Cool Concrete Designs of Atlanta


I’d like to take a moment and extend a hearty thanks to Kert, Brad, Ryan, Chuck and the rest of the team at CTi for making the training such a wonderful experience, all the way from meeting for breakfast to the many hands on techniques and experiences that came along with the training.Technical support is great. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to become a CTi Dealer. CTi has technical support, guys who are readily available to help any day of the week and to me that means a lot!

The product sell themselves, I think CTi is a wonderful opportunity for anyone with little motivation and some basic skills, and the products will speak for themselves! I have only made a couple of sample boards and I already have two jobs booked. I’m tellin you, these products definitely get people talking. If you want to strike up a conversation, take a sample board with you and you’ll always have plenty of questions to answer.

Thanks again.

Emmanuel Herschberger


I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate what you and the CTi team have put together for a dealer like me. I had so much fun at the training and got so much out of it. I am excited about my future working alongside people like you, Kert, Chuck, Ryan and the rest of the team. I really feel like I’m a part of the CTi family, now. This opportunity is a huge blessing to my family and me, and I can hardly wait to start putting down tons of product for people here in Iowa.

Austin Arthur


Hi guys, First let me say a big “Thank You” for the great initial training and your invaluable help, continued encouragement and prompt follow up. All of which validates my decision to become a CTI Dealer.Ethan, thank you for answering my questions in my first phone call to tech support yesterday. Ryan, your call came as I was on the phone with Ethan and I really appreciate being in business with a company that proactively seeks to help a new dealer…..that speaks VOLUMES to me about the “two way street” that is supposed to exist in business from the “dealer” perspective and is both reasssuring and much appreciated.Chuck, your team is GREAT and I am immediately impressed by the straight forward “here to help” attitude and with the “hands on” expertise in your department.

Steven Chaucer
Decorative Concrete of Chattanooga


I wanted to let you know how great the support has been from you guys in Largo. My business has grown by leaps and bounds and I don’t know if I could have managed it without your support. You guys are the best.

Bob Hawkes
B&D Custom Concrete


Terry and I wanted you know how much we appreciate our Arkansas distributors, Budd Clark and Paul Belden. We just returned from a 2-day training, which they arranged for us at our request. We specifically wanted them to train Terry’s brother, but Terry and I also wanted some one-on-one training to go over some of the basics and to make sure we were on track with applying and understanding the CTi products since being trained in Florida. In addition, we thought it would be highly beneficial to see our distributorship and to get to know Budd and Paul on a more personal level. They did a wonderful job training us and their professionalism and excellent service need to be noted. Every order we have placed, we have received in a timely manner and every time we call for help, they have been available and have known the answer. We feel very fortunate to be part of the CTi team and we thank Budd and Paul for all of their help.

Terry Kirkland
Broken Arrow Concrete Designs


We just finished our first home show for the year and I don’t think we’ll have to do any more advertising. We have over 120 qualified leads, I’ve gone on 20 appointments already and I’ve sold EVERY SINGLE ONE! We’re going to have to get busy figuring out how to keep up with the demand.

Mike Brown
Blue Gator


I just wanted to let you know how excited we are about our business. We just completed a basement floor for a couple and they were so impressed they decided to give us a $500 bonus! Thanks for all the help and support.

Mark Krebs
Innovative Concrete Solutions


I wanted to send this message and let you know that I found this past weekend’s rally informative and energetic. The demonstrations and new techniques will help me and help grow the business. Friday’s session was excellent. I am glad I attended.

Please let everyone else at CTi know how I feel.

Neat-Crete Resurfacing


Let me just say how much fun it is to do this work and work with all of you. This past weekend we were in our first home show, arguably the biggest and most important to be in, in Michigan. We are in 3 more as well between now and March 20th. Attached you will find 2 things. 1. the 2 sided single page flyer we developed and we would be happy to provide to other dealers for a fee (Call me Brad). 2. Are the pictures of us and our booth. Take a look and give us any of your thoughts we welcome them.

From the time the doors opened on Friday until Sunday close our booth was packed. We played the video which not only captivated people enough to where we were causing a traffic jam in front of our booth but answered some questions for people. Of course you get the weekend warriors that say they can do that. My reply to them is here is my card after you finish I will be glad to come out and fix it for you. We put out a give away box we were giving away 10% off your next CCS project. This box gave us 63 warm leads to follow up on of which we are seeing 2 tomorrow and we haven’t even started aggressively calling to inform everyone they won the 10% off. We handed out over 200 cards each, and over 700 2 sided flyers. We were not just handing either to anyone. We would catch people that got interested in the video and watch for the light bulb and then ask if they had any questions as we handed them a flyer and 100% of the time they did and had a project or 2 in mind. We were busy enough and successful enough the surrounding booths were shocked this was our first show. We had a customer looking for us 8 rows over and a stamped concrete guy reluctantly helped him to our booth. We have a local do it yourself radio host and station (Glenn Hagey) at the show as well. Neither of us spoke with him about us or the product and by Sunday people were coming to our booth because he mentioned us and the product on his show. We don’t know what he said but it must have been something good.

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know our story. Thanks for your help in making this a successful show and for being there when we need you. Ethan, I am sending you another e-mail with questions that we have. If I forgot anyone, it was not intentional.

Creative Concrete Solutions


Here are some pictures for some of our recent jobs… we are learning on the fly but I have nothing bad to say… business is great!!It looks like our first full three months in business Nov/Dec/Jan we will do almost $50k in revenues and that is with taking off 2 weeks for Thanksgiving and Christmas/ New Years. Not bad especially considering we are running it with just myself and my brother.Ethan- thanks to you for all your help especially on the Verizon Wireless job- they were very pleased and I will be doing 2 more stores for them in the January/ February time frame!!

With a down economy and end of the year timing I couldn’t be happier with how business is going… thanks for everything guys!!

Have a great Christmas and New Years…. my wife and I are going to Italy for 8 days so I will talk to you suckers later!

Jeff Broome
Decorative Concrete of North Florida, LLC


Before I bought into my CTI dealership, now know as Upstate Restoration & Design, located in Saratoga, NY, I had been searching around for quite some time. After receiving the information packet and DVD, CTi had certainly caught my attention. My decision to buy in was the best decision I have ever made.Living in NY, concrete takes quite a beating from the winters so the demand for a product to restore and protect is strong. With me being only 22 years old I did not have much experience with running a business, nor was I a mason. This, I soon found out, did not matter a bit. I worked with a few friends around and set up a couple of jobs that I did for them, not much over cost. This was the best decision that I could have made. From the three jobs I did, it allowed me and my foreman to practice with the product, get a routine down, as well as get the product out there. From talking with the neighbors and telling them about the product, I was able to pick up two full priced jobs off each “Practice” job, right away booking jobs 3 weeks out.Since that first two weeks, the product has continued to sell itself and spiderweb for me. I bought in mid April and we are now into August continuing to build an excellent reputation for a long lasting, beautiful end product that is less expensive than the alternatives. On top of this my average price right now for a simple Hallmark installation such as solid spray with brick border has been averaging $9 – $10 per sq. ft. I would argue that when you are offering something that lasts, looks great and is most likely a cheaper alternative, the recession has helped more than hurt my business.

If any prospects are skeptical you can give them my number. All I did was set up those three practice jobs while I was waiting for the training session/product shipment. Also, my practice jobs were for close friends so if you mess up, who cares? Although, if you follow the steps I would say its almost impossible to screw this up. With tech support and the manual its tough to get backed into a corner. I have attached a few pictures of some jobs that I have completed.

Thanks again to Chuck, Ethan, Ryan, Peter and everyone else from CTi for all the help, and future assistance!

Justin Smith
Upstate Restoration & Design


I just wanted to say thanks for all your help on April 29, 2010. You answered all the engineers questions and also solved some major problems. The end sample looked great and they are very impressed with our product. Now it’s not a question of are we going to get the job but when do they want us to start. I hope you will be able to come back when we get to the last section of dock. Thanks again for all your help, could not have done it without you…

Tim Dwyer
Collier County Custom Concrete


Brad, I really appreciate your help. Even more so, I have formed a fast and strong opinion of the CTI home office staff. I hope in time I am able to exceed your expectation of me as a CTI Dealer to the same extent that you have all exceeded my expectation of CTI as a company.Very best regards,

Steve Chaucer
Decorative Concrete of Chattanooga, LLC


I’m excited for this year. I had over 40 people invite me to take a look at their projects at the local home show, and probably twice that amount took my info to contact me!!! I’m just finishing up one project that I sold off of that. The couple lives in a small town and they want to help me get a bunch more work!!I’m still learnng a lot; things about installation and how I need to do estimates and quotes so that I can maximize my profits, but I’m getting there.

Austin Arthur
Armour Coating


This time I’m not asking for anything, just THANK YOU all, for your part on our first job, which has a piece of each of you.We are very happy, and in particular because the client was one of those that if you can please him you will please everyone else.We could not go without sharing this with you.

Have a wonderful time and I hope I’ll call you soon to get more help.

Johse Lemos
BCS – Beautiful Concrete Solutions


We just finished our first home show. We are very pumped up about upcoming potential business! The show was put on by RJ Promotions. They put on an outstanding show and we had an awesome response to our product. The show started on Thursday and ended on Sunday. We had a 10 X 10 booth which we found to be a little too small to demonstrate everything we wanted to. The floor of our booth was made out of 3’ x 5’ sample boards. It looked great and gave customers many examples of what can be done. (Unlike the competition that had a brochure with about 6-8 patterns they would do!) Several people walked up to us with the competitors brochure and crumpled them up and said, “Tell me what you can do for my ugly concrete!!!”We had a Rubbermaid tote with two concrete walking stones in it. One was plain concrete. The other was sprayed with CTI product and sealed. We used this to demonstrate the effects of acid and oil on plain concrete and on concrete with CTI product. We found this to be an excellent testimonial to our product and a big blow to the competition’s. when customers would ask them if their product stood up to chemicals such as acid they would avoid the questions. When asked if their products resists stains they also avoided that question but, eventually answered, “Everything till stain eventually.”Our booth was next to Hot Spring Spas. We had made a floor out of Durock and put it under one of their hot tubs they had on display. Seeing a floor under a hot tub really puts people’s imaginations into gear. Hot Spring Spas has agreed to let us put floors down throughout their entire display (which at this show was 20 x 60).

I have had at least three appointments per day this week. These are from people who are calling us (they saw us at the home show) and from people who signed up for more information at the home show. Our mailers have been received the past week and we have started getting some responses from them also.

We definitely believe home shows are a great way to get our name out there and show off CTI product (especially when the competition is right around the corner).

Chad Saemisch
Aries Coatings


I was really pleased with the Training Course and Seminar. Top notch all the way.Obviously talented and well informed instruction from all parties.Still not sure exactly how I’ll be incorporating this product with our other services, but most of my indecision is caused by the large potential that was demonstrated so well. As I explained earlier, my original thoughts were based around “getting more money” from our current customer base. No I see an even larger potential for using this product to “increase” our customer base.

We look forward to getting our order and continuing our learning process.

Please pass along thanks to Marc, Chuck, Dale, Brad and all the others that had a part in making for an enjoyable and very informative couple of days.

As you know, I stayed the weekend and had a great time. The Tampa/Clearwater area is so pleasant. Great weather and views, but the friendly people mean the most.

Look forward to working with ya’ll and you will hear from us soon.

C.M. Worthington
Excel Interior Construction


Thank you for a full 2 days – The training was wonderful, very basic & complete with details. You guys did A Great Job for us – We were very impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm and CTI’s Integrity. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Sam and Mary Livingston
CTi of San Antonio


Finally I’m getting around to a short letter. First of all I want to thank you, Chuck and everyone else at the corporate office for all the support you’ve provided since I opened my business last year. The advice you’ve given has been invaluable and it’s great to know that it comes by just a simple phone call.The more I work with our products, the more confident I become in knowing how tremendously superior they are as compared to anything else on the market. I’ve also learned that skim coats fry very fast in this Texas heat and that mixing HDM requires a powerful mixer!You had asked for pictures… here they are! Both driveways are about 30 years old… one had really bad cracks and lots of settling. I earned every dime of what I got from that job and the homeowners love it. They saved about $8,000 since their only option was a new drive. In addition, you’ll find a picture of my first try at a CTI logo for my display the Home and Garden Show…. Built from scratch in my own garage! I’ve learned these shows are a great point of contact for potential customers…. Really a “touch/feely” opportunity! They pay for themselves.

Again, thanks for everything…. And best wishes to everyone in the largo office.

Cal Hetzler
CTi of San Antonio

April 17, 2015

Just wanted to let you know I already have 6 jobs lined up. First one starting Monday. We got 31 appointments from the home and garden show. I have another 5-6 that are really close to scheduling too. Just signed another big pool job last night.

Robert Leese


I just wanted to thank you for all your work and dedication to my little business. Over the past many months you have responded to my calls of questions and concerns. Now, my business is starting to grow and at a rate I am not very comfortable with! Has anyone ever said “Too Much”? I have 5 jobs under contract, picked up another today when I went to get a down payment and had 4 calls for requests for bids plus, made an appointment with another party to select their texture and colors for a house they are building. (I almost forgot about these guys!)

Craig Kaser


I enjoyed meeting you and wanted to thank you again for your presentation last Friday. The information was very informative and helpful. You’ve consolidated a lot of valuable information in your class that I’m sure will be very beneficial to my new business. I wish there had been time to hear more. By the way, anyone that can keep me from falling asleep for that length of time must be good!I look forward to working with you on my website later this week.

Greg Haskell

Feb 13, 2014

The initial training was a whole lot of information packed into a short time. It covered the basics of how to do everything needed to get your business started, and to make the business a success. The “hands on” was fantastic, and I think we all had a great time. I think everyone felt as though we were among friends, and we even had fun and even some laughs.Technical Support is available in so many ways. Training, manuals, on-line, videos, email, phone, other dealers …. you are never alone. Support is available to help you with bidding, installing and even what to do if you mess something up!

The marketing and sales plan provided by CTi, These guys have it all down. Everyone was helpful, patient and friendly. The package was customized to my individual needs, and I never felt pressured at any time.

Robert Wilkinson
St. Paul Park, MN

Feb 17, 2014

The training was a lot of fun, fast paced with a lot to cover. Chuck and Ryan had a good answer for any questions asked, they seem very knowledgeable and savvy with the product.Brad provided a lot of good information and ideas and gave me a much better understanding of certain aspects of marketing and sales I didn’t fully understand. I think our customers will love this product and will be blown away!

Beau and Barbara Godbey
Santa Fe, NM