CTi’s Advertising Package is the perfect way to generate interest for your business.  We will run a cohesive advertising campaign over various social media. The CTi Advertising Package targets homeowners interested in improving the looks of their home and specifically interested in decorative concrete, these homeowners will fall in the top 25% to 50% of the incomes for your area.

The ads we run will highlight before and after photos of what the CTi product lines will do for your customer’s concrete and will let them know you’re providing decorative and protective coatings for their existing concrete.

As people provide their name, phone number and email address, we will immediately forward this information to you for follow up.  The Advertising Package runs for 60 days, when finished, we are happy to share the details of our campaign should you want to duplicate it for yourself or you can continue the advertising for another 60 days by purchasing an additional package.

Make sure the CTi Advertising Package is part of your Initial Dealership Order by talking with your Dealer Advisor today.  Contact us at 800 447 6573