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Do You Want Unique Concrete?

Want a look that’s out of the ordinary? This job was done by Coastal Concrete Designs in Alabama. Yes, it’s concrete and can be installed to fit your personality.

A Showroom in Your Home

Give your garage or workshop that “showroom” look with CTi’s F1 Fast Floor System. The F1 can normally be installed in one day and driven on the next. Tough as nails, chemical resistant and beautiful, contact us today for a free estimate.

These Are Laminate Counters?!

Many homeowners have found CTi’s new way of taking their existing laminate counters in the kitchen, bathroom and other places around the home or office and giving them a rich, new look. CTi’s Euro Bond System can transform your existing counters into the look of marble, granite or something truly unique. The Euro Bond System…

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Reflective Flooring

CTi’s Reflective Flooring can provide your home or office with a look of marble or granite for a fraction of the cost. Durable and beautiful, this flooring is the perfect addition to your basement floor, kitchen, foyer or other areas around the home or office. Reflective can also be installed over your existing laminate counters…

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CTi Inside The Home

The holidays always have folks wanting their homes looking top notch. CTi has ways of dressing up basement floors, kitchen counters and other interior floors throughout the home. The product offers a tough, easy to clean surface that will last for years. The CTi products can be installed to look like wood flooring, stone, tile…

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Company Vehicle

In the home services industry, a company’s vehicle is not only a means of transportation but a rolling billboard for the company. When the owner or his employees are driving the vehicle, it reflects the company and can be a great way of introducing people to the products or services the company offers. There are…

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Social Media Advertising

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and many others have changed the game on how Dealers are reaching their prospective customers. Social media provides a way to target the people most interested in your products by both developing a following to your page on the site, boosting certain posts to those people and advertising…

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Curb Appeal

One of the many advantages CTi’s product line offers homeowners is the curb appeal offered by their home. The first impression when guests are arriving or the first glance of a potential buyer if you’re trying to sell can go a long way towards creating a welcoming first appearance. Below is an example of a…

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One of the advantages of the CTi product line is its versatility. Dealers can use the same components to create unique looks by mixing and applying them in different ways. Below are some of the examples.