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Moving Inside

CTi Dealers, this time of year, start marketing and speaking with customers about the various ways they can enhance the look of their home on the inside. CTi’s Acrylistain, Stone Classic, F1 Fast Floor and Reflective Flooring can all be used to beautify areas such as basements, kitchens, garage floors and the like.

Aqua Shield 365

On certain projects, you need the durability of a urethane topcoat but can’t have the smell that comes with a solvent based urethane. CTi introduces the Aqua Shield 365, a water based urethane that provides all the strength and durability of an industrial grade urethane without the smell or fumes. Aqua Shield 365 is a…

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Dealer Shout Out

A shout out to David Garfield, owner of Advanced Surfaces in Connecticut. David has been providing quality installations and excellent customer service in his unique “laid back” style since 1994!

Fall Transitions

CTi Dealers are looking forward to making the transition into the cooler weather and doing interior applications. Dealers across the nation are participating in their Fall Home and Garden Shows and displaying the amazing looks they can provide a homeowner’s basement, garage or other interior floors.

Tough, Durable, One Day Floor

CTi’s F1 Fast Floor provides its Dealers with a great way to satisfy customers who want a clean, fresh look for their garage floor, workshop or basement floor. The F1 Fast Floor combines the durability of a urethane with the strength of an epoxy while providing cure times that dramatically reduce the amount of time…

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Off To A Quick Start

One of the support programs offered by CTi is the Dealership Quick Start Program. This program, which combines both online learning accompanied with regular coaching calls provides new Dealers with the blueprint for getting their Dealership off to a quicker, more profitable start. The Quick Start Program is the brain child of Ron Nezat, owner…

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Introducing EZ Armor Slow Cure

One of the hottest trends for interior flooring is the Reflective Floor offered by CTi. These floors can be a perfect addition to so many different applications both residential and commercial. A challenge for Dealers not familiar with the application can be the amount of work time allowed with our regular EZ Armor epoxy. The…

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The Power Of Family

I was discussing the history of Concrete Technology with a new Dealer and how our support systems evolved over our 30 year history. The thing that struck me most was how the Dealers in the field prompted so many of our innovations regarding sharing their experiences and making all of our Dealers better. Online advertising…

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Are You Compliant

States around the country are beginning to require products be used that meet environmental standards as set forth by their state and local governments. Volatile Organic Content or “VOC” is the standard used in most of these products and each is required to meet or be below a maximum level set. CTi prides itself on…

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One of the things CTi prides itself on is the training it provides its Dealers. Application training, the science of concrete repair and preparation, as well as marketing, sales and business organization are all areas where we bring our thirty years of experience to bear to help our Dealers run more successful Dealerships. This training…

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