Concrete Technology’s training facility and headquarters is located in the Tampa Bay area. Just minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, our Dealers can increase their knowledge of the science of concrete repair, effective installation of our product lines and how to run a more successful Dealership all while staying in one of the most beautiful areas in Florida.

Concrete Technology’s Color Tone Classic offers a cost effective way to enhance your customer’s concrete. This product line offers a warm, blended look that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor concrete. Easy to apply, most residential projects can be completed in 1-2 days.

Smart Prep

CTi is pleased to announce that its Smart Prep primer and repair product is back in stock. This wonderful product is perfect for:

  • Prime inside or out when 100% prep is not always possible. Encapsulate contaminants
  • Bridge cracks with excessive movement
  • Even absorption rates on multiple poured concrete surfaces to deliver an even uniform looking stain system.
  • Prime over absorbent concrete slabs to help extend grout systems
  • Give yourself a stopping point. Prime over large taped patterns if not capable of completing grout systems that day.
  • Use in conjunction with 4” or 36” mesh tape to help hide repairs, cracks and seems where applicable
  • Pigment able. Why fight the white background left from smart Prep. Add desired pigment color  191
  • Comes thick for repair work
  • Can be thinned with water for priming

Dealer Shout Out

A Shout Out to Dave Chacon, owner of Matrix Concrete Designs in Reno, NV. Dave and his crew have been operating a successful CTi Dealership by taking great care of their customers since 2021!

Live Your Dream!

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Make it a reality by becoming a Dealer for Concrete Technology Inc.

First impression, curb appeal, there are different names for your home’s first appearance when someone comes to visit or when you’re looking to sell. The driveway is a big part of that first impression and our Dealers can help provide your home with one that WOWS!

Dealer Shout Out

A Shout Out to Mauro Morls, owner of Concrete Doctors in Mississippi. Mauro and his staff have been providing beautiful decorative concrete solutions for their customers since January 2015!

Pool Areas

Your pool area can be a place of fun for the kids or a place where guests can relax while visiting your home. No matter how you use your pool area, our CTi Dealers can provide a look that is uniquely yours. Our product is skid resistant so you don’t have to worry about being around your pool in bare feet.

Below is an example of the business building support provided by Ron Nezat, CTi’s Dealer of the Year in 2018. Ron provides new Dealers with the “Quick Start Program” which is an online course accompanied by phone coaching to help new Dealers organize their new business quickly and start generating revenue.