Dealer Shout Out!

A Shout out to Jason Christensen, owner of Christensen Concrete Coatings. Jason and his company have been doing outstanding work for customers in central Utah since January of 2020!


One of our most popular applications is the Acrylistain. This look can provide a rich textured feel to your floors both inside and outside the home.

Dealer Shout Out!

Shout out to Gabe and Kelly Morell, owners of CTi of Southwest Florida, they have been surpassing customer expectations since November 2018!

Quick Start Program

One of the many services offered by CTi to help its Dealers with their success is the Quick Start Program. This online course, accompanied with phone coaching from one of our most successful Dealers, provides valuable insight into organizing your new business for a quick start and continued success.

CTi’s Hallmark System

Find out why home and business owners across the nation are having their existing concrete transformed to something spectacular with CTi’s Hallmark System.