Dealer Shout Out

A Shout Out to Scott Schultz, owner of SS Concrete Solutions in Kansas. Scott and his company have been delighting customers in the central Kansas market since July, 2014!

Getting Help

One of the advantages of owning a CTi Dealership is the ability to create a successful business with only one or two additional employees. CTi Dealers normally start by working with prospective customers and heading up the installations.

Installations can be done alone but are much easier with the aid of one person. Many Dealers will either use a construction oriented temporary labor service, get with their local firefighters (these guys are normally great workers and have a schedule that is ideal as part-time help), or will utilize their partner in the business as a co-lead.

Once the Dealership gains momentum, decisions on which person continues to install the products and which ones will start speaking with customers regularly are made. Cash flow offers the ability for the Dealership owner to make the decision on which of these two duties he enjoys most and to hire someone to help with the other side of the business.

Bring on the Cold

One of the many benefits of having the CTi products installed around your home or office is their ability to withstand the abuse Mother Nature brings during the Winter months.

Concrete can take a beating from salts and de-icing agents causing it to pit. Freezing and thawing can cause movement which causes the concrete to become weaker and more prone to cracking.

CTi’s products protect the concrete underneath from these elements and provides a protective finish that is not only easier to maintain but because of its beauty can increase the value of your home.

Ask The Customer

When working with homeowners and business owners about having the CTi coatings installed, too many times we get caught in simply telling the customer everything we know about the coatings, the prep that will be done, maintenance, and dozens of other areas that may or may not interest the customer.

We teach our Dealers to ask the customer some questions that lead to a conversation about what they are most concerned about or what they would like to know about the products. This is done by asking questions that are “open ended”. An open ended question requires the customer to answer with something more than yes or no. A question such as “do you like brown?” doesn’t get much of a conversation started, but a question such as “what things are most important to you as a finished product?” get the customer engaged and talking more which leads to a better conversation and more sales.

New Year’s Resolution

We see an increase this time of year of people who are interested in finding out more about starting a CTi Dealership. Many of these folks tell our Dealer Advisors they have been thinking of starting a new business for years and have made a resolution to do it for the New Year.

Making decisions is critical to being a successful business owner. Once an owner feels he has all of the pertinent facts, making decisions, right or wrong, moves his business to a new level. Many folks dread making decisions because their afraid they’ll make the wrong one. Tom Watson, the founder of IBM, told people “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.” What Mr. Watson was referring to was business owners are not designed to stay in one place. If a wrong decision is made, they adapt, evaluate the new information and continue making decisions until they make the ones that lead to their success.

Happy New Year

We at Concrete Technology Inc. want to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2022.

This time of year is always popular for plans moving forward, goal setting and looking forward to a new year.

Concrete Technology is looking forward to continuing to service its remarkable Dealers and create design and beauty for concrete around the world!

Dealer Shout Out

A Shout Out to Doug Atkins in Tennessee, owner of Creative Concrete Solutions. Doug and his crews have been providing incredible installations and top notch customer service since 2004!

Fixing Pits

One of the advantages the CTi product line offers is its ability to withstand harsh environments and not show the signs of wear and tear associated with concrete. One of the main elements of deterioration with concrete is spalling caused by moisture in the concrete expanding and pitting the concrete during the freeze/thaw times of year.

CTi Dealers can fix this problem during their preparation of the concrete and then provide a coating that keeps the problem from ever happening in the future.