Ongoing Training

Our Dealers today are participating in a clinic on interior applications. Great information being shared as well as Dealers sharing information from the field with each other. Tremendous energy from this group, everyone is busy and excited about the new products.

Moving Inside

CTi Dealers, this time of year, start marketing and speaking with customers about the various ways they can enhance the look of their home on the inside. CTi’s Acrylistain, Stone Classic, F1 Fast Floor and Reflective Flooring can all be used to beautify areas such as basements, kitchens, garage floors and the like.

Aqua Shield 365

On certain projects, you need the durability of a urethane topcoat but can’t have the smell that comes with a solvent based urethane. CTi introduces the Aqua Shield 365, a water based urethane that provides all the strength and durability of an industrial grade urethane without the smell or fumes.

Aqua Shield 365 is a perfect sealer for heavy use interior floors such as restaurants, retail stores and areas that get cart or vehicular use and need a tougher floor.

Dealer Shout Out

A shout out to David Garfield, owner of Advanced Surfaces in Connecticut. David has been providing quality installations and excellent customer service in his unique “laid back” style since 1994!

Fall Transitions

CTi Dealers are looking forward to making the transition into the cooler weather and doing interior applications. Dealers across the nation are participating in their Fall Home and Garden Shows and displaying the amazing looks they can provide a homeowner’s basement, garage or other interior floors.

Tough, Durable, One Day Floor

CTi’s F1 Fast Floor provides its Dealers with a great way to satisfy customers who want a clean, fresh look for their garage floor, workshop or basement floor. The F1 Fast Floor combines the durability of a urethane with the strength of an epoxy while providing cure times that dramatically reduce the amount of time needed for installation. A typical floor can be done in one day, have foot traffic the same day and vehicular traffic the next.

Off To A Quick Start

One of the support programs offered by CTi is the Dealership Quick Start Program. This program, which combines both online learning accompanied with regular coaching calls provides new Dealers with the blueprint for getting their Dealership off to a quicker, more profitable start.

The Quick Start Program is the brain child of Ron Nezat, owner of CTi Acadiana. Ron’s Dealership started in 2013 and in 2018 was named Dealership of the year in CTi’s network. The program was developed because Ron saw an opportunity of putting one of his other businesses to work, namely a consulting group, to help out new Dealers as they go through the start up phase of their business.

The Quick Start Program will lead a new Dealer through the tasks needed in order to organize their business, get their phones ringing and then organize the installation of new work and effectively managing their cash flow. The program has been offered to new Dealers for three years and the new Dealers are raving about the results.

Introducing EZ Armor Slow Cure

One of the hottest trends for interior flooring is the Reflective Floor offered by CTi. These floors can be a perfect addition to so many different applications both residential and commercial.

A challenge for Dealers not familiar with the application can be the amount of work time allowed with our regular EZ Armor epoxy. The EZ Armor Slow Cure offers Dealers a dramatically increased work time so they can achieve the perfect combination of color and design in their Reflective Flooring application.

The Power Of Family

I was discussing the history of Concrete Technology with a new Dealer and how our support systems evolved over our 30 year history. The thing that struck me most was how the Dealers in the field prompted so many of our innovations regarding sharing their experiences and making all of our Dealers better.

Online advertising is just one example. CTi’s advertising for its Dealers has prompted a reach in social media advertising of millions of people. When you combine this advertising with the advertising of hundreds of our Dealers, you can see how things grow exponentially and millions becomes tens of millions of people finding out about how the CTi products can save them money and provide them with a better product for their concrete.

Dealers support each other via our Facebook group, veteran Dealers constantly post ways for new Dealers to save time and money as well as tips for creating more effective advertising and creating more sales. These same Dealers share their insight during CTi Dealer rallies, both virtually and in person.

When you have a brain trust of hundreds of motivated business owners all striving to create a better way of satisfying customers, it can be astonishing how good we can become together.