Workshops and Garages

The floors around your home, such as workshops and garages, can be subjected to harsh chemicals, stains and other elements that will make your concrete look bad over time. CTi’s F1 Fast Floor System provides a chemical resistant, easy to clean, beautiful protective coating to these type floors. Normally installed within 1-2 days, having this new floor installed also will not inconvenience you in the process.

First Impressions

The entrance to your home helps setup your invitation and first impressions for your visitors.

Is the first impression of your entrance providing the warm message you want to share? If not, CTi can transform your ordinary looking concrete into an invitation and statement you can be proud of. This entrance was done by Christensen Concrete Coatings in Utah.

Your Personal Touch

CTi Dealers can provide a personal touch to any project. The touches make the work unique and one of a kind. Below are some examples of the unique touches done by Dealers around the country.

Not Easy Being Green

CTi now offers Aqua Shield 365, an environmentally friendly urethane coating that has unsurpassed abrasion and chemical resistance. The best part of the Aqua Shield 365 though is it’s friendly to the environment and meets the demanding VOC standards anywhere in the United States.

Amazing Transformations

Even after 30 years, I’m still amazed at the transformations our Dealers can provide homeowners around the country. This driveway before and after was done by Stingray Concrete Designs in Sarasota, FL.

Outsmart Those Cracks

Concrete cracks, it’s one of the main drawbacks this building material has had since its inception. CTi Dealers use this problem as an opportunity and incorporate the cracks into the design of our Acrylistain or Hallmark System and provide the customer a finished look that has the look and feel of cut stone.

What would Pareto do?

Many people are familiar with “Pareto’s Principle” or the “80/20” rule.  In starting a new business, this rule is sometimes the make or break factor for whether a new business will stick around for years to come.

To refresh your memory, the 80/20 rule, as applied to starting a new business, states you’ll get 80% of your results from 20% of your activity. 

Those activities in this business are:

  • Implementing, measuring and refining the marketing, advertising and referral generation within your business.  The goal is for your business to be able to establish the ideal balance between the quality of the response your marketing efforts generate with the cost associated.
  • Educating your customers and creating new sales from the interest generated from your marketing efforts.  This is a combination of not only sitting with enough people to generate the sales your business needs, but also honing your skills in this area so you can educate your customer and build value in the solutions you generate for them.
  • Order fulfillment or operational effectiveness – this means applying the product cost effectively when it comes to running a CTi Dealership.  What you charged your customer for the project, less what you spent for materials and the labor needed to install the project makes up the “Gross Profit” within the Dealership. 

    As you become more skilled in not only using the product more cost effectively, getting the project finished more time effectively but also building more value in your solutions and thus generating sales at a higher price with your customer all lead to greater profitability within the business.

Your first duty as a business owner is to figure out what activities make up the 20% that generate 80% of your results.  Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you’re devoting your energies to these activities daily and minimizing the 80% of the activities that only produce 20% of the results.

Summer Fun

Pool decks can pose a challenge to homeowners. You need a surface that is slip resistant and will stay cool when the sun is beating down on it. CTi’s products offer a solution that can provide a safe, cool solution while also dressing up your pool area. CTi’s coatings are slip resistant as well as cooler than concrete and many other industry standard products. This amazing transformation was done by Concrete Designs of Tampa Bay.

Curb Appeal

One of the greatest benefits the CTi product line offers a homeowner is the amazing transformation we offer their home’s curb appeal. Concrete Designs of Tampa Bay posted this work yesterday to make this point.

Second Income

While many of our Dealers start their businesses with CTi on a part-time basis to create a secondary income, let’s not forget the secondary income that can be had by anyone running a business.

Business owners have the ability to take products and services used both in their business and personal lives as a tax write off in many cases. Cell phones, auto payments and other types of expenses that are used both for personal and business use can be written off fully or partially depending on the circumstances.

To give you an example of how this provides a secondary income, consider the truck payment of $400 monthly for a business owner who uses the truck 75% for business and 25% personally. Over a year’s period of time, he will pay $4,800 of which $3,600 will be considered a business expense. If the business owner is at a 25% tax bracket and can write off the $3,600 in truck payments through his business, he has saved himself $900 in taxes.

Add this up across any number of expenses that can be considered for a business and you can see where the secondary income can add up.