EZ Armor

Concrete Technology’s EZ Armor provides a substantial savings over the Rapid Armor and is perfect for use in such finishes as the Reflective Floor, Euro Bond and much more.  Designed to be tough as nails while remaining cost effective, this new coating will provide your Dealership with the ability to give your customer a beautiful floor coating along with saving them (and you) money.

  • EZ Armor provides a deeper look more easily and helps in creating the look your customer desires in the Reflective Floor.
  • EZ Armor provides a harder, more abrasion resistant surface.
  • An increase in release agents provides the ability for the product to release air and bubble entrapment more easily providing a mirror like finish.
  • EZ Armor has a longer work time to allow you to get the highlights and decorative add-ons required in the Reflective Floor.
  • A topcoat is not needed; however, waxing may be done in higher traffic areas.

EZ Armor is easier to install in the Reflective Floor System and provides greater coverages while still giving the customer the deep, rich look found in CTi’s high quality epoxy line.

Call CTi or your Distributor today to get pricing on this exciting new product.

EZ Armor is available in 24 oz for samples, along with a 3/4 gallon and 3 gallon kit.


Click Here for the EZ Armor Product Specifications and SDS sheets on www.cti-concrete.com, CTi’s Dealer support site.