Small Home Based Business

There are many options out there for a person who is looking to start a small home based business.

Maybe you are looking to augment your income with a weekend business. Perhaps you are looking for more flexibility and still want to make some income. Or, a recent retiree who is not ready to stop working just yet. Whatever your reason, when you evaluate small home based business opportunities look for a company that is well respected, has a proven product and will give you the support you need. Oh, and look for a company that doesn’t charge franchisee fees or royalties. This ensures you the best chance for success.

CTi is the leading concrete resurfacing business in the country. We have been helping entrepreneurs start their own businesses for more than 20 years and have grown 900% in that time. We have grown because we give our distributors the tools and support necessary to be successful. In fact, our entire business model is based on your sales. That means we succeed only when you succeed. We don’t charge franchise fees or royalties.

A big part of our success is a high quality proven product. CTi products are able to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions making them the best option for any geographic are of the US and beyond. To date, CTi has installed more than 90 million square feet of our easy to apply spray material in homes and businesses across this country and in 22 others. Our product has survived the test of time and has been beautifying spaces adding and lasting value for many years.

CTi is the easiest concrete business to start. You’ll receive top notch training and support throughout the entire start-up process. We are looking for entrepreneurial minded people like you. There are still many opportunities available. Call us today and we’ll get you started on the right path.