Start a Home Based Business

The best way to start a home based business is to find a product that excites you, which is proven to sell well and a company that will support you and help you succeed.

Starting any business is challenging and exciting all at the same time. When it is a home based business, you need external support that you and your spouse or partner may not be able to provide on your own.

Concrete Technologies, Inc. (CTi) has been helping people like you successfully start up a home based business for many years. Our product is exciting and is one of the fastest growing in the home improvement industry today. In fact, CTi has grown 900% since the company’s inception.

CTi is one of the top companies in the concrete resurfacing industry. Ninety million square feet of our easy to use spray system has been installed in homes and businesses across this country and in 22 foreign countries. You can feel confident knowing that it works and provides lasting beauty and value for many years.

In addition to providing a great product, we offer an extensive training program and a complete starter kit to help you start your own business. We give you as much or as little support as you want. We’ll even help you with advertising and marketing materials to get you going right away.

You might take advantage of our award-winning Navigator program giving you the ability to show a customer what their home will look like after the CTi system is installed. No more guessing. Your customers feel confident and are happy to say yes. We’ll also provide you with an estimator software system to price and quote each job appropriately, ensuring you a profit each time.

We succeed when you succeed, so call us today and get started.