Thanks for the Help on the YMCA!

Sept. 12, 2016

Hi Brad,

Earlier this week the local Fox TV affiliate broadcast a very nice profile of our recently completed 3,400 square foot pool deck at the Downtown Green Bay Y.

Feel free to share this link and post the video to your CTI Facebook page:

I’d like to thank Chuck for his guidance to me and to the Y folks with technical assistance, particularly with products and capabilities of going over crummy 50 year old tile.

Also many thanks to Kathy and Tom, obviously this wouldn’t have been happened without them. They started working with the Y back in 2012 until the project was resurrected this year. Kathy and Tom were instrumental in advising our work crew and me with an overall project plan, what products to order, installation techniques, and more.
Lastly our crew of Shawn, Danny, and Jake were real professionals, working without complaint in a hot, humid aquatics center in July. They pulled through some major challenges, including last minute add-ons (grout lines), filling many bare spots in the old tile, floating concrete flush with drains and depth markers, spraying in and around hard to reach spaces, and keeping the pool water free from dust, debris, and overspray.


As a new dealer this was a big deal for me personally, there was a lot riding on its outcome. I have gone back to the Y several times since completion to check up on things. It never gets old to hear the staff say they’re thrilled with their new pool deck. All in all it was a great success for CTI!


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