Cost Effective Alternatives

Not all customers are created equal, some are looking for a creative application on their concrete that is as unique as they are while others are looking for cost effective alternatives.

Maybe the customer is wanting to clean up the concrete to get the home ready for sale. Others may be looking to stay within a strict budget. No matter the reason, CTi has some great cost effective alternatives when it comes to providing the budget conscious customer with a solution for their ugly concrete.

Clean and Seal their concrete: Concrete will always hold dirt, grow mold and mildew and will sport the occasional stain. A great way to improve the look of this area would be to clean the concrete but then seal the area to make it easier to clean in the future. This not only provides an immediate solution, but also a solution for future maintenance.

Color Tone Classic: This is a cost effective, decorative alternative for the customer’s concrete. Using virgin acetone dyed different colors to offer a mottled look that is warm and inviting, Color Tone Classic is a cost effective way to offer a decorative look. This, used with our Series 170 sealer outdoors or the Aqua Shield 365 indoors, offers the customer a beautiful finish that is easier to maintain and will last for years.

Re-stain and seal stamped concrete: One of the drawbacks of stamped concrete is that many times the project is finished without sealing the area. Without sealer, the colors of the stamped job start to fade and the area becomes more difficult to maintain. CTi Dealers can bring the color back to life and then provide a sealer that will keep the area looking great for years to come.

Spraymark application: Using CTi Hallmark products, Dealers can provide concrete that have minor flaws with a fresh new textured look that is modern looking. The sealed area is also easy to maintain and will stay looking great for years.

Designer Series and Pigmented Sealers: Designer Series can cover minor imperfections and provide an inexpensive solution for the customer with a one color textured finish. Pigmented sealers can seal the area and provide a colored topcoat for the customers concrete while fitting most any budget.