CTi Sales Model

Advertising, Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood to any successful business. CTi Dealers have a sales model that has one project being sold for every six inquiries they generate from their advertising. The normal sequence is out of the six inquiries, the Dealer will meet with four homeowners at their property and out of those four meetings, they will normally sell one new project.

As the Dealership grows, two things begin to happen to improve on this sales model:

1) The Dealer uses the advertising tracking tool we provide to better determine which advertising vehicles are working best. This improves how the money is spent and provides better results from their advertising.

2) Referrals start becoming an integral source of new leads. These homeowners know someone who has had the product installed, have seen the product, and are excited enough to contact the Dealer to have him take a look at their project. The model changes significantly with referral leads as Dealers will normally sell a job for every two referrals they sit down with on average.