Finding Your First Employees

You’re just starting your Dealership and as you start to market and speak with customers, a question keeps coming up in the back of your mind, “when should I hire someone to help me get these jobs down?”

Most new Dealers have concerns over whether to hire someone when their book of work is not covering a number of weeks, but they are also concerned about how to manage their time effectively when they starting to install the work they have sold while keeping the pipeline filled with new customers.  Below are some tips for transitioning from a one or two person operation to hiring your first employees.

Friends and Family:  Many times a son, friend, brother in law or wife can be the first help your business utilizes.  This doesn’t have to be a permanent solution (unless you and the person want it to be), but can get your business in a scheduling and cash flow situation where hiring someone full time becomes easier.

Temporary staffing companies: There are many local and national companies that provide temporary staffing for the construction industry.  Performing a Google search for “temporary construction staffing companies”, will give you the information you need.  These companies will provide your Dealership the labor it needs for as many or for as few days as you need.  This gives you the luxury of having help when you need it but not incurring the overhead expense of a full time employee until the business can afford it.

EMS and Firemen: Folks who work on ambulances or as firemen normally have schedules where they work two full days and are then off two full days.  This schedule works well with most installs and provides labor for you without having to keep the person on full time.