How Did This All Start?

Twenty-seven years ago, our owner and founder, Kevin Rosenberger, was a hard working pool deck applicator. In those days, applications only came with a one-year warranty and, as short as it was, applicators were still deluged with warranty work! Kevin decided there had to be a better way.

He started experimenting with unique materials and formulations. In time, his experiments led to a mixture of Acrylic Polymers and Portland cement. That was the birth of what has come to be known as CTi’s “Hallmark System.” Kevin continued to develop his new product and the industry (small by today’s standards) was stunned when CTi offered the industry’s first Ten Year Warranty!

Kevin’s efforts pioneered Acrylic Cement and, as a result, both CTi and the Concrete Coating Industry literally exploded over the next few years; so much so that CTi earned the coveted INC-500 Award in 1997, after just six years in business.

Today, CTi is recognized as the world-wide industry leader of the Concrete Coating Industry, with a network of over 700 CTi Dealers in 22-countries having installed over 100-Million square feet of Acrylic Cement products. With its modern manufacturing plant and World Headquarters both located in Largo, Florida, CTi enjoys a reputation as the most successful company of its kind on the planet. Ask any CTi Dealer why that is and their response will most likely be, “Because of CTi’s dedication to my success.”

Kevin made the decision early on to offer CTi products only through a network of factory-trained CTi Dealerships, tying the success of his company to the success of his Dealers. His vision was to award CTi Dealerships to those folks looking to create a new lifestyle for themselves and their families, using a Franchise Model but requiring no franchise fees or royalties. Every CTi Dealer is an independent business person, backed by over sixteen years of CTi-developed Marketing and Sales Tools, Initial and Advanced Training Seminars, “Tech-Tip” Videos covering every aspect of installing CTi products, and the support of a Technical Support Team available to CTi Dealers 24/7.

The old cliché, “you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself,” has never been more accurate than it is when describing the world-wide family of CTi Dealers.