Improving Sales Results

As a CTi Dealer, one of the main responsibilities is educating prospective customers on the advantages of resurfacing their concrete vs. replacing it. Educating the customer effectively leads to higher sales and happier customers in the long run since they understand what they’ve purchased and how to best enjoy it.

Some tips for more effectively accomplishing this education are:

Ask Questions First: Too many times, people simply pitch the features of a product and hope they say something that resonates with the customer. Ask questions that allow the customer to tell you what is concerning them and what they would like to hear about the product in order to make an effective decision.

Make sure you focus on two sales with each customer: Every customer needs to answer two questions before they purchase the products you’re offering. The first is “Why do I want to buy this product?” which focuses on the advantages of what you offer and the benefits of resurfacing their concrete. The second question is just as important though, “Why do I want to purchase this product from you?” which focuses on how the customer feels about doing business with your company. Getting a customer comfortable with your company is easy enough to do but often doesn’t get done. How is your phone answered when the customer calls you? How do you show up at the appointment with the customer? Are you dressed appropriately? Does your truck look the part of a successful company? How does your crew show up for work at the customer’s property? These type questions need to be asked by the business owner regularly to insure they’re getting the customer comfortable with both questions that are on their mind.

Follow up: In our previous blog post, we explained the average Dealer closes one new customer for every six inquiries he receives. What happens with the other five inquiries? Following up with a “Drip Marketing” campaign that keeps your name in front of the customer in the weeks and months following your appointment leads to an additional 15% to 30% closing rate for the customers who told you no at first. Following up with a customer also leads to a better answer to that question “Why do I want to buy the product from you?” as it shows the customer you are truly interested in earning their business.