It’s Simple

The reason CTi Dealers are successful boils down to some pretty simple business characteristics:

  • High Profit Margins – A CTi Dealer will operate on a gross profit margin that is tops in the home improvement industry. This comes from products that are easy to use so you don’t need a skilled labor force, they are quick to install so labor time is minimized and the durability and beauty of the product makes it a product in high demand.
  • Low overhead – CTi Dealers don’t need showrooms, or other fixed overhead expenses associated with running a store. Dealers go to the customers location and provide onsite estimates.
  • A product that provides superior solutions for a competitive price – Customers are still ripping out and replacing concrete that is showing signs of wear and tear simply because they don’t know there is a better alternative. CTi Dealers provide a product that not only protects the original concrete from any further deterioration, makes the area easier to maintain, but also provides a look that is far and away better than the concrete surface.
  • Increases the value of any property – Homes and offices will see their value increase with the decorative coatings provided from CTi. Plain gray concrete is no longer a competitive advantage, even if it’s new. A driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway that has the look and feel of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble, etc. increases the value of the property.