Off To A Quick Start

One of the support programs offered by CTi is the Dealership Quick Start Program. This program, which combines both online learning accompanied with regular coaching calls provides new Dealers with the blueprint for getting their Dealership off to a quicker, more profitable start.

The Quick Start Program is the brain child of Ron Nezat, owner of CTi Acadiana. Ron’s Dealership started in 2013 and in 2018 was named Dealership of the year in CTi’s network. The program was developed because Ron saw an opportunity of putting one of his other businesses to work, namely a consulting group, to help out new Dealers as they go through the start up phase of their business.

The Quick Start Program will lead a new Dealer through the tasks needed in order to organize their business, get their phones ringing and then organize the installation of new work and effectively managing their cash flow. The program has been offered to new Dealers for three years and the new Dealers are raving about the results.