Good, Better, Best…customers have a number of ways in determining which products they want to purchase. Normally however, they balance the cost of the project with the perceived value they get from the product. One way to widen the target zone for the acceptance of your proposal is providing options for the customer.

An easy way to do this is offer them a “Good, Better and Best” solution:

Good is your basic offering – customers who are looking for a cost effective, short-term solution will purchase this option. It may be simply cleaning and sealing the project with a colored sealer to keep any further damage from happening to the concrete. It is your lowest cost solution and the one that provides the basics of getting the job done.

Better is your mid range offering – Many customers who don’t want the cheapest solution but also don’t want to spend the money on the best solution will buy a middle of the road product like this one. This may be a simple design and easy to apply product line. It provides the customer with more benefits than the colored sealer application and a better product overall. Your price for this option would be the middle of the three options.

Best is your top of the line offering – many customers are looking for the best option because they feel they get the best solution. Make this the option with the most benefits, best warranty and best overall solution for the customer’s needs. Crack repair, overall design that truly enhances the area, commercial grade sealer for maximum durability are all ways you can provide the customer the best solution for their money.