Sealer Dye Packs

Need a Low-Cost Way Solution for your Customer?

Introducing Dye Packs for CTi’s 150 and 155 Sealer.

This Dye pack now offers you the ability to pigment the clear 150 or 155 and provide your customer with a lower cost alternative to the Hallmark or Spraymark application.

Dye Packs are available in 14 standard colors and come in 32 oz bottles:

Antique White, Buff, Black, Brick Red, Charcoal, Cream, Dark Gray, Deep Red, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Rustic Brown, Tan, Taupe, and White.

You can pigment the 150 and 155 for use as a stand-alone sealer or as a clean, one color finish over a sprayed or troweled texture coat.

One 32 oz Dye pack is used per five-gallon bucket of 150 or 155 sealer.