Smart Prep

CTi is pleased to announce that its Smart Prep primer and repair product is back in stock. This wonderful product is perfect for:

  • Prime inside or out when 100% prep is not always possible. Encapsulate contaminants
  • Bridge cracks with excessive movement
  • Even absorption rates on multiple poured concrete surfaces to deliver an even uniform looking stain system.
  • Prime over absorbent concrete slabs to help extend grout systems
  • Give yourself a stopping point. Prime over large taped patterns if not capable of completing grout systems that day.
  • Use in conjunction with 4” or 36” mesh tape to help hide repairs, cracks and seems where applicable
  • Pigment able. Why fight the white background left from smart Prep. Add desired pigment color  191
  • Comes thick for repair work
  • Can be thinned with water for priming