The Final Note

When you’re advertising for customers, the final note you provide them in your message is a “Call to Action”.  This note is what tells the customer the next steps and provides a path for how they proceed.

Too often in the world of home improvement the final note is “Free Estimate”.  While this call to action of “Call Today for a Free Estimate” can spark some interest, there may be other ways to provide the customer with more value in this important part of your message.

“Call Today for a Free Design Consultation” could be a way to get the customer excited about how their new area will look.  The Free Design Consultation gets a customer thinking about the possibilities for their driveway or patio or pool deck instead of just thinking about price when they see “Free Estimates”.

“Call Today for a Free Computerized Design Imaging Session” is another way to get the customer to pick up the phone.  CTi’s Navigator software can provide the customer with a glimpse of what their new pool deck or walkway will look like right on your computer screen.  Use this technology to not only excite customers in their home, but also get them to invite you in the first place.