The Power Of Family

I was discussing the history of Concrete Technology with a new Dealer and how our support systems evolved over our 30 year history. The thing that struck me most was how the Dealers in the field prompted so many of our innovations regarding sharing their experiences and making all of our Dealers better.

Online advertising is just one example. CTi’s advertising for its Dealers has prompted a reach in social media advertising of millions of people. When you combine this advertising with the advertising of hundreds of our Dealers, you can see how things grow exponentially and millions becomes tens of millions of people finding out about how the CTi products can save them money and provide them with a better product for their concrete.

Dealers support each other via our Facebook group, veteran Dealers constantly post ways for new Dealers to save time and money as well as tips for creating more effective advertising and creating more sales. These same Dealers share their insight during CTi Dealer rallies, both virtually and in person.

When you have a brain trust of hundreds of motivated business owners all striving to create a better way of satisfying customers, it can be astonishing how good we can become together.