Too Many Choices

The discussions you have with your customer about the Concrete Technology system is one of the crucial elements to your Dealership’s success.  The ability to ask the right questions to uncover the customer’s needs along with the ability to explain how the Concrete Technology products fill those needs are the basic building blocks to creating more customers for your Dealership.

One of the overlooked elements in successfully explaining what CTi can do for a customer though is narrowing their choices by better understanding what they would like most in owning the product.  According to separate studies done by both Columbia University and NYU, a typical customer is most likely to make a decision when presented with two to three options.  Once the number of options presented starts to increase, the customers decision making probability drops exponentially.   This is especially true in products that are new to the customer where “information blindness” can cause confusion and non-decision.

We teach the methods to our Dealers of how to ask effective questions that uncover the customer’s true needs.  These needs are the outline for the presentation made to the customer and the basis for the recommendations the Dealer makes when presenting options.  The three main choices we narrow are overall look/texture, color combinations, and pattern design.  The better we understand the customer’s needs, the better we can make two to three recommendations that fit all three of the criteria uncovered and thus help the customer eliminate the “information blindness”.