What We Do

When our Dealers visit homeowners, the issues they hear most often fall into two main camps:

  1. The Homeowner has issues with their concrete and want those issues fixed. This could be anything from cracking in the concrete, mold problems in certain areas, spalling in areas of the country where salts are used to melt the ice during Winter or any number of other issues. Our Dealers focus on the protective and easy maintenance qualities of our product line in these circumstances so the homeowner understands we can protect their concrete and make it easier to maintain.
  2. The Homeowner doesn’t like the look of the area with just plain, gray concrete. This is where our product truly shine. There are a number of protective finishes for concrete on the market today, but none of them match the unique looks that can be offered by the CTi product line. Our products can transform a dull, gray concrete slab into brick, stone, hardwood, or something truly unique.