Remote Training

In the last few months, we’ve seen changes in the ways we do business. Our current CTi Dealers are keeping their social distance with their customers both when meeting with them to discuss their needs as well as when they show up to do the work.

Fortunately the CTi Dealership model offers built in ways to keep the customer and the Dealer safe throughout the transaction and this has been one of the reasons while our Dealers have seen minimal disruptions in their day to day business.

We at CTi Corporate have had to make some modifications however since people are wanting options to getting on a plane and coming to Florida for the initial as well as ongoing training.

Two months ago we introduced remote training via our training website which includes video and written training as well as via Zoom and traditional calls. This training has allowed new CTi Dealers to get the training they need to start their businesses as well as allow us to work with our current Dealers in new ways to enhance their knowledge as well as help them overcome challenges on the job site should they occur.