The 3 M’s of Marketing

At CTi, we teach advertising success comes from adhering to marketing’s 3 M’s, message, market and media.  The 3 M’s help any business identify how to tweak their advertising and marketing plan to generate more of the right type of business for their Dealership.

Message – This is what you’re telling the customer in your advertising and marketing.  The more specifically you can address the customer’s needs with your services, the greater the connection will be with the customer.  This is sometimes hard to do with small businesses as they try to be all things to all people and the message gets so watered down the customer isn’t sure what the company does.  Some of the best CTi Dealers in the network concentrate on specific market niches and hone their message with the customer until it’s razor sharp.

Market – Market is who you are trying to reach with your message.  Again, we teach CTi Dealers to imagine who their ideal customer is, their age, the type of home or business their in, the types of issues they want remedied all leads to a better understanding of who your market is.  Once you’ve got this nailed down, then it’s just a matter of identifying where those customers are in your area.  Where are the type of homes you imagined when you thought about your ideal customer?  Where are the customers located that have concrete areas around their home that may to 5-10 years old and thus in dire need of CTi’s services?  This is how you nail down the market within the 3 M’s.

Media – Once you have the message and market elements figured out, then it’s a matter of figuring out the ideal way of getting the message to the market.  Your delivery method may be online through your website or other home service portals such as Home Advisor, it may be in more traditional marketing through magazine or direct mail, or it may be a matter of getting the neighbors talking to each other once you have a couple of jobs down in a neighborhood by handing out flyers to everyone in the neighborhood.  Measuring your advertising and marketing effectiveness is key here so you have a better understanding of how your customers are seeing your message.