Where to Advertise?

Starting a new Dealership or running one that has been around for decades both have the same question, where can I advertise my Dealership most effectively? 28 years of being in the marketplace with hundreds of Dealers providing feedback, CTi has developed a comprehensive list of areas to consider along with what to expect from your advertising investment. Advertising a Dealership falls into one of the main areas listed below:

  • Home and Garden Shows
  • Online home improvement related lead portals
  • Advertising your website with Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media advertising through a page setup specifically for your company.
  • Direct mail advertising through marriage mail firms as well as individual flyers sent to the right prospective customers.
  • Magazine advertising through local home improvement related magazines.
  • “Grass Roots” type advertising such as handing out flyers in neighborhoods where you’ve done work, putting a lawn sign next to the job you’ve just completed and other ways to let the neighbors know who did the work in their community.

The purpose of your advertising should be to generate enough inquiries to lead to the amount of work you need to meet your company’s goals. Simply establishing an attitude of advertising “as much as you can”, or “as much as you can afford” leads to results that may of may not meet your overall needs from your company. CTi provides its Dealers with a set of metrics that have been proven over three decades of doing business and can quickly establish what your Dealership needs in regards to an advertising investment in order to meet its goals.