New Customers One Drip at a Time

You’ve met with the prospective homeowner, you’ve presented a great solution to the issues they’re facing with their concrete and you’ve offered them a competitive price; however, you still hear “we need to think about it.”

What do you do in a situation like this? Most business owners in the home improvement field may make a phone call or two in order to follow up and see if the customer might be interested in doing the project at a later date. What these people don’t know is that the average homeowner needs more time when they’re considering a new project and that 20% will make the decision to move forward in three to four weeks if they have a communication in front of them that keeps the decision on their mind.

Estimate Rocket (click here for more details) offers you the ability to keep that communication with your customer automatically after you meet with them for the first time. Drip marketing is a way of keeping your offering on the customer’s mind until they’re ready to move forward. This type of marketing has proven to increase closing rates 20% on average and is easy to implement.

Drip marketing, via Estimate Rocket, is as simple as establishing a series of email messages (normally six messages) that will be sent out to the customer over a period of time (normally four weeks). Once you’ve created these messages, the drip marketing campaign is initiated automatically by entering the customer’s information into the system. When you enter the information, you simply click and let Estimate Rocket to begin the campaign and the emails are automatically sent at the time intervals you preset. So increase the number of projects you’re selling from your current leads with this simple marketing tip.