What Does It Take?

In the 26 years I’ve been speaking with prospective Dealers, one of the more popular questions I get is, “what does it take to be successful as a Dealer?” My answer always revolves around the same three main areas although I tell the person it’s a lot like golf in that you can learn to play the game in a few hours but you’ll spend a lifetime mastering it.

  1. Commitment and Persistence – when starting any business, the more committed you are to its success, the more it will reflect in everything you do. I’ve seen Dealers who go the extra mile for customers, who come to work everyday with an unstoppable attitude but really the main thing is waking up each morning with a set of goals you want to accomplish. These daily goals lead to monthly goals which, in turn, lead to yearly goals. Successful Dealers work this attitude into their lifestyle and create a type of person in which anything is possible.
  2. Selling – any business owner knows one of the best talents to have is the ability to sell your ideas. This isn’t just the ability to convince a prospective customer that the CTi System is the answer to the issues they’re experiencing with their concrete when they see it; it’s also the when you can sell your crew on they’re capabilities of getting the job done in a fashion that will exceed the customer’s expectations or those times when they have to sell themselves on their ability to overcome adversity.
  3. Organization – This seems to be obvious, but I see it so rarely done in the contracting world. A Dealer’s ability to keep his business organized, to show up for appointments on time, to complete the project on time, to keep his business humming through each and every “touch point” it has with the customer is crucial to its success. Does the advertising look professional? Is the website easy to navigate and up to date? Is the phone answered in a way in which the customer is not put off when they call? These are but a few of the areas where a business can help itself stand out from the competition.