Working the Work Force

The latest job reports came out and the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8%; great news for job seekers as the market is becoming tighter and it appears that most anyone who wants a job has one. This is not so great news when it comes to business owners looking for people to fill multiple positions (read fast food, construction businesses, etc.)

A CTi Dealership has the main advantages of being a high margin and low overhead business; however, one of the other advantages it offers is the business only requires 1-2 employees to operate the business. CTi Dealers are primarily owner/operators in their business, this means they are either meeting with prospective customers or on the job site. As the business grows, they can either find or groom one person to install the product (along with one helper), or they can hire someone to meet with prospective customers and concentrate on the installations.

Either growth path only requires the hiring of 1-2 people to create a business that can generate a healthy business and an abundant bottom line.